Sunday, May 1, 2016

TESTING: We’re Done for Another Year

I’m so happy that we have this year’s standardized testing behind us!  On Friday, I received our CAT test results from Family Learning Organization, and I’m happy to say that Haylee and Holden both passed! Haylee scored overall at the 85th percentile and a grade equivalent of 10.7, and Holden scored overall at the 94th percentile and a grade equivalent of 5.5.  Not bad!

Haylee’s weakest area was math computation by far.  This is not a surprise to me.  She’s going to be using an online math program called Unlock Pre-Algebra this next school year, and I’m hoping the guided instruction and instant grading and feedback will really help cement things better for her. 

In direct contrast with that, math concepts was her strongest area, tied with language mechanics.  This tells me that she is probably making careless errors when working math problems on paper.  As for the language arts, I really think using the Evan-Moor Daily Language Review has been great practice for her this year, and she enjoys that format a lot.

Holden’s weakest area was language expression.  I’m not sure what to think about this.  He exhibited good understanding of parts of speech this year.  But it’s possible that he didn’t read the questions thoroughly or didn’t look at all the answer choices before making his selections. He has major attention deficit issues, and just getting him to stay focused on the test was a problem all of itself this year.

His strongest areas were tied at 99th percentile in word analysis, math concepts, and science.  But he actually got a perfect score on science.  That doesn’t surprise me, either.  He did two complete science programs this year and loved every minute of both of them!  He also did several science review products this year.  You can never give the boy enough science…he loves it!

On Saturday, I mailed off our test results as proof of progress for 2015-2016 along with our Notice of Intent for Home Instruction and descriptions of curriculum for 2016-2017 to our public school division.  Now we’re all set for another year!  I have to admit that it’s always a relief to have this hurdle behind us.

Now we just have 5 school weeks20 individual school days…remaining in our school year.  I’m hoping that seeing the end in sight will inspire the kids to just get it done and wrap things up so we can start fresh with all the new curriculum changes we’re making for our new school year that begins on June 20th!