Sunday, May 22, 2016

FREE Online Spelling & Vocabulary Resource!!!

I’m always on the hunt for new FREE resources for my readers, and today, I stumbled upon another wonderful spelling & vocabulary program that is completely FREE!  It has word lists for up to 8th grade, and it looked like there were some Image result for bigiqkidshigh school resources on there, as well. In addition to spelling and vocabulary lists, it also had periodic tables and all the presidents in order!

It includes word lists, quizzes, tests, flashcards, and tons of games of all kinds!  After you take a test, you can even email the results to your parent. 

It looks as though the site has some additional premium services available for a fee, but there seemed to be plenty to go around for FREE!

Check it out!  It’s called BigIQkids.  Another feature it has that I was really excited about is that you can have it generate handwriting worksheets from the spelling lists.  You can customize a number of things like the font size, handwriting style (including print or cursive), use of arrows, etc.  And most exciting for me is that you can have it print them left or right justified.  I have a left-handed student, and something he complains about a lot with handwriting sheets is that he can’t see what he’s supposed to be copying because his hand covers it up!  This eliminates that problem.  I may just have to start using this!

My family uses Vocabulary Spelling City to play games and test on our own lists of spelling and vocabulary words, but I do pay for the premium service so that I can also organize my lists and have it store my students’ grades.  But that site also has lots of games and word lists available for you to use for FREE.

Happy spelling!