Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The new school year!

Today is the first day of public school here in this area. I'm so happy to have my kids at home with me! We homeschool year-round, so my kids are actually wrapping up the first quarter of the school year this week...week 9. Things are going along pretty well so far. Holden's workboxes are working out just fine. If I don't get to do school with him for a couple of days, it's easy enough to catch up at the end of the week. He's staying on schedule, too. He often likes to go to his workboxes and pick out a tot tray activity or an art project to do. So some days, we just do that sort of thing. He's counting successfully to 11 now without help, so I'm happy with that. He's identifying more colors correctly, too. He definitely knows a circle, but not too much else for shapes, and we haven't really worked on letter identification at all. We have plenty of time for that yet since he is only 2.5. Although, I must admit that Hayden was already reciting the alphabet by shortly after he turned 2! But he had all of my attention, and he came by it naturally.

I have been filling Holden's workboxes each day, but since he only does 2 or 3 assignments a day and then activities for the rest of his school, I think I'm going to start filling them for the week since we tend to do his assignments in chunks anyway. Then I know as long as we finish his workboxes by the end of the week, we're good.

So here is to everyone's new school year! However you go about it, be it home, public, or private, the best of success to you and yours!