Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is always a bittersweet thing these days.  You see, this is the third Mother’s Day I’ve spent without my mom since she passed away of lung cancer. 

Truth be told, I try really hard not to think about this holiday atDSCF0835 all.  Because if I do, it just feels terribly wrong to not be out shopping for a heartfelt card and a special gift to let her know that I’m thinking of her and that I appreciate her very much.

It’s one thing to be a mom, but another thing entirely to have one.  Just saying that…that I don’t have a mom or dad in this world any more…makes me wince inside.  How can that be?  I have such wonderful memories of my parents that it seems like yesterday, and yet it’s been years…and years.  My dad’s been gone 15 years now…my mom for two.

I’m sad today. There’s no other way to put it.  I have an empty place inside that nothing else will ever fill.  If you can still hear me, mom…I LOVE YOU more than words can say.  I miss you.  I’d hug you if I could.  I miss your presence.  I miss your laugh.  I miss talking to you on the phone and sharing my life with you.  I hurt inside for the lack of you.  I’ll never stop needing you, even though you’re not here.  Thanks for all that you were and are to me.  Rest in peace, mom. Love you forever.  And Happy Mother’s Day.