Friday, February 24, 2012

My Epiphany About Next School Year

I had an epiphany this week!  As I've begun to think through and plan this next school year, it dawned on me that things should get a lot better for me in our homeshool!

Hayden will be in 8th grade, but he'll be moving into Sonlight's Core 100.  That is technically a high school core, so he'll be moving to entirely independent study!  So no more read alouds for me with him, which frees up about an hour of my school day.  I will only need to do comprehension questions with him at the end of the day.

Haylee will be finished with the phonics program, so that frees up an hour with one less subject to cover with her.  She'll be doing Virginia history in 3rd grade, but that won't take up much time at all.  In addition, she'll be moving out of elementary fmath and into middle grades math with Saxon, so as she goes into Saxon 5/4 next school year, her lessons will become self-instructed.  That frees up another hour of my time.  Yay! 

All I could think to myself as I came to these realizations is that this means I will *finally* have some time for poor Holden's school!  But then I realized, too, that it's a good thing, because now HE will be starting Saxon Math and Saxon Phonics!  And he will be doing a lot more school work with the Developing the Early Learner books and learning to read this next year.  So that freed up time with the other kids comes just in time to shift it over to Holden. 

So in the end, my school day will likely be just as will just be allocated differently amongst the 3 kids.  Sigh.  I *almost* got excited!  LOL.  Oh, the life of a homeschool mom!  It never ends...