Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Plans for School 2011-2012

Wow! It's been a long time since I've posted! It's been super busy. We all got super sick before the holidays with the plague...Norovirus, the horrible stomach flu. It spread like wildfire through every single one of us, and we were down for about 10 days before we could even think about eating any normal food. I lost 6 pounds in 4 days, and I was the only one who didn't throw up! It was just awful. I'm so glad that's over! It sort of spoiled all of our traditional holiday activities, and it didn't feel like Christmas until about Christmas Eve. But we had a really nice holiday, and we celebrated 3 birthdays...Holden turned 3 on Dec. 28th, I turned 39 on Jan. 1st, and Steve turned 40 on Jan. 7th. Then we had Holden's party on Jan. 8th. Plus, Steve and I are running the homeschool basketball and cheerleading program again, and practices just started this week with the first game this weekend. So it really has been like a whirlwind around here lately!

Now that it's January, I'm beginning to think about our plans for the new school year that begins in June for us. I started ordering textbooks yesterday.

So here is my plan for 2011-2012:

HAYDEN, age 11, Grade 7

Sonlight Core 7
Glencoe: The American Journey 2003 (Social Studies Supplement)
Sonlight Bible 7
Sonlight Science 7
Glencoe: Life Science 2002 (Science Supplement)
Saxon Math Algebra 1
Saxon Grammar & Writing 7
Wordly Wise 3000 Book 8
Switched on Schoolhouse Secondary Spanish (1st half)
Beyond the Nine-Note Recorder Method for Alto
Junior Scholastic Magazine or Science World Magazine

HAYLEE, age 6, Grade 2

Sonlight Core 2 with Readers 2 Advanced
Sonlight Bible 2
Sonlight Science 2
Silver Burdett Science Horizons 2
Silver Burdett English 2
Saxon Phonics & Spelling 3
Houghton Mifflin Spelling & Vocabulary 3
Saxon Math 3
A Reason for Handwriting C
Wordly Wise C
Complete Book of Spanish for Grades 1-3 (2nd half)
Harcourt Health & Fitness 2
Silver Burdett Music 2
Abeka Art Projects 2
Scholastic News 3

HOLDEN, age 3, grade PK

Sonlight PK 3/4 (2nd half)
Abeka Nursery Curriculum for 3's
Abeka PK Language Development Program
Tot Tray Activity Center (continuing with various Montessori type toys and activities)

So that's pretty much my plan for the coming school year. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up better with Holden's stuff this year since Hayden will be dropping 2 workboxes from this year (he has completed 2 programs in spelling and art), and I'm switching Hayden's science and social studies supplements to programs he can work on independently with free online self-checking quizzes that correlate to his textbooks.

I signed up for the Amazon Mom program on December 2nd, so I get 3 months of Amazon Prime for free included with that. Then I made a qualifying purchase for Christmas of kids' toys and got another month of Prime added on for free. So that means I get free 2-day shipping on most items through April 2nd. I order from Sonlight on April 1st when the new catalog goes live, so that works out perfectly for me to order any remaining books from Amazon on the last day of my free 2-day shipping! That will really help me gets my books together faster than having to wait for shipments with super saver shipping, plus I don't have the $25 minumum order requirement with Prime. Amazon Prime has been such a convenience for the holidays that I might get suckered into buying the membership when this ends! LOL.

The kids are taking cooking classes at Young Chef's Academy this month on Fridays. I was able to get a large enough class together with my field trip group to hold private classes. That's always so nice! Holden just turned 3, so he is in the class, too. It gives me an hour and a half to go enjoy a coffee at Starbucks with my best friend, and it is a welcomed break!

I hope this new year is a lot better than 2010 was. It totally stunk! Hubby just got a raise and a nice holiday bonus, so that's a lot better than getting laid off as he did one year ago this month. Amen!