Sunday, April 24, 2016

FREE Middle and High School Language Arts & Composition Workbooks!!!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve been in search of something to use for my rising 7th grade daughter to use for grammar and/or composition.

After spending this week doing test prep and standardized testing, I realized that she probably still needs to be doing some grammar instruction this next year, but I think it’s also time to start giving her some formal writing instruction, as well.  So I started hunting again.  I recently started using the Chrome browser again with Windows 10, and so I decided to go through all the old “favorite” links I’d saved back when I used Chrome before, which was when Hayden was still homeschooled.  I was shocked at how many great links I had saved over the years, and one of them was to some FREE printable workbooks for Glencoe Writer’s Choice Grammar and also Composition for both middle and high school, grades 6-12!

I spent some time looking at the .pdf files, and I decided that using the “Reteaching” version would probably work best. They offer more instruction on the actual worksheets, making them easier to use without the actual corresponding textbook, and they give just enough practice without overkill.  I like both the grammar and composition programs, and I’ve decided to use both!  It looks like combining the two will fill up the school year well for about 32 weeks of material.  I think we’ll probably alternate between the two so we’re working on both programs throughout the year.

Here’s the link!  It includes all aspects of language arts, from grammar to composition to vocabulary to spelling.  I hope this helps someone out!  Enjoy!