Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up – March 22nd-28th

This was a crazy busy week, but mainly just for me.  It was very productive, though, so I can’t complain.


Since we’ll be out of town on vacation for Easter Sunday, we decided to let the kids do their Easter baskets a couple of weeks early so they could play with their goodies between now and when we leave.

The kids were really excited about their new Nabi bumpers, and having Holden’s be glow-in-the-dark turned out to be a big bonus, since it seems like he’s always looking for it!  It sure makes it easier to spot at night.  But the kinetic sand turned out to be a big hit with everybody, even Steve!  It’s kind of fun to play with.  It came out several times this week.


Mid-week, I went up to Hayden’s school to be interviewed as part of the parent panel by the visiting IB/MYP evaluators.  That went really well, and Hayden had been on the student panel earlier in the day.  It’s nice to be able to help the school continue to get good ratings by the IB board.  They deserve it!


On Saturday night after a long day of running errands, I picked up Val so we could go to the final Virginia Symphony POPS concert of the season at Chrysler Hall to see Wicked Divas.


It was a funny and lively concert, and we had a really great time.


Would you believe I actually saw snow in the afternoon when I was out shopping?  How crazy is that for nearly April in Hampton Roads?


The kids were off school this week, but I spent most of the week doing planning and preparation for their new school year.  I managed to finish preparing everything for Holden’s 2nd grade year, including a full year of schedules and materials, and I also somehow managed to fit in test prep for both kids for their upcoming CAT testing.  I also took them up to My Gym for 2 free play sessions in addition to their regularly scheduled class.  I was super busy this week!

How about you?  If you homeschool in a state that requires testing, do you bother with test prep before your standardized testing?