Sunday, April 19, 2015

Vacation, Part 2 of 7: The Church Visit

It’s our first week of vacation in 2.5 years!!!  As such, I have a ton of pictures to share from our vacation adventures.  I’ve decided to break up this week’s wrap-up into each day of our trip. I started with the photos of our cabin that I posted last week and the beautiful view we had, so consider this part 2 of 7 of our vacation series!  Today, I’m just going to talk about our relaxing Sunday church visit. 


We really enjoyed worshiping on Sunday morning with the congregation at the Front Royal Church of ChristChurchIt’s always a pleasure to see them again.  Everyone is so warm and friendly.  If you’re ever up in that area, I highly recommend you consider worshiping there.  It’s part of the draw for us to want to retire there.  It’s a beautiful area, a friendly community, and a lovely group of people with whom to worship and fellowship.


Watch for part 3 of our vacation series tomorrow:  The Camping Trip.  And stay tuned for a post each day this week through Friday, summing up all of our awesome activities!