Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up – March 15th-21st

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Monday was National Ice Cream Day, so after we picked Hayden up from school, we headed off to Dairy Queen for a free vanilla cone.


The weather was perfect for sitting outside, and it had been ages since we’d had a DQ cone, so it was a nice treat for us.


As it turned out, it’s a good thing we got to go out together on Monday afternoon.  Because despite our grand plans for St. Patrick’s Day, I was awakened before 6 AM by Hayden, who had spent all night throwing up.  Bummer!  So I had to cancel the Cookie Exchange I was hosting for friends that day, and we also stayed home instead of going out for free pancakes at IHOP like we’d planned.  I nursed Hayden all morning and made sure he felt better and could keep down liquids by mid-day, and then I took him to school at 1 PM so he could catch his last class and not be counted absent for the day.  He also needed to stay after school to finish up a group project that was due the next day, so it worked out okay.  By day’s end, he was feeling much better, and he was thankfully able to enjoy our traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner of Old-World Corned Beef & Cabbage from the crockpot.


Later in the week, I stopped at Big Lots and discovered an extra large cushy dog bed, just the right size for Lilly.  It was only $25, whereas any others I’d found that size before were over $50.  So I sprang for it and brought it home for her.



As you can see, she took to it immediately, and although Teenie has her own pink cushy bed, she took to curling up with Lilly in hers.  Aren’t they just adorable together?  Such sweet girls they are!


Haylee dressed up her new Our Generation doll that she bought with her Target gifts cards that she earned from playing GPALOVEMATH for a review.  This is the first doll that she has found with the same hair and eye color as her.


She was able to get the doll, an outfit, a hair accessory kit, and a styling chair with the $100 in gift cards.  She had a blast playing with it all week long!  The doll has extra long hair that you can wind in and out of the head so you can make it different lengths for different types of styles.  She loves giving it fancy hairstyles!


On Saturday, I took the kids over to the community clubhouse for an Easter Egg Hunt.  They had fun, though it was almost a disaster when someone accidentally started the older kids’ hunt too early so half the kids missed out.  We had to wait while they went and bought more candy and refilled the eggs so they could hold a makeup hunt for those that had been with their younger siblings and missed out.  Crisis averted!

Holden's Easter Egg Hunt

Haylee's Easter Egg Hunt

I was glad the kids got to do a community egg hunt, because we’ll be up in the mountains on vacation over Easter, so we won’t be doing a hunt of our own.  We’d probably lose the eggs in the woods!  LOL


And of course, you can’t leave out the obligatory photo with the Easter bunny!  :)


We were supposed to have dinner at a friend’s house this weekend, but we both thought it better to postpone for another time, given the recent sickness our kids had.  Her daughter was vomiting the same night that Hayden was.  It’s really going around, and many families we know have had it much worse!  So we’re playing it safe and not spreading our germs.

Stay well!  After all, spring has official sprung!