Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Vacation, Part 4 of 7: Fabric Shopping

Tuesday was also a day of mostly relaxing in the cabin.  I managed to read a Danielle Steele novel by this time, and then I started another one.  I did some puzzles, and I ventured into the town limits a few times over the first few days of our trip.  I did some window shopping, and I found a wonderful decorator fabric with which to reupholster my dining chairs at home.  I got such a deal, too…only $8/yard!  I think the colors in this will go perfectly with my Waverly Garden Room “Hillside” collection that I have as curtains and decor in the same area of the house.


The people in the fabric store were so nice.  They said if I ran short of fabric for any reason, they’d be happy to bring some down to me when they visit their son who lives in Chesapeake.  They were so helpful!  If you find yourself in that area, the store was called House of Fabrics, and it’s located at 207 E. Main Street in the town of Front Royal.


Watch for tomorrow’s installment in our vacation series:  A Laundromat Mishap and Two Museums.