Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up – February 22nd-28th

And it snowed again…

After missing 4 days of school last week due to snow and ice, Hayden ended up missing another 3 days this week!  It was kind of crazy for Hampton Roads.  I can’t remember there ever being this many snow days in one winter, much less in a 2-week period!  We’ve had record cold temperatures a number of times this month.


On Monday, I went and got my rear brakes replaced on my van.  Another $140!  Reminds me of that old saying…when it rains, it pours!  Also, I found out my washer fluid pump has died, so I’m going to have to take it back at some point to get a new one put in, and it should probably be before we take the van on vacation.  With all of the salt and sand on the roads, I’ve got a continuous layer of residue on the windshield, and it’s really distracting to not be able to wash it off, especially when the evening sun bounces off it!  Ugh.

I need to just keep reminding myself that I no longer have any car payments.  At least there’s that.


On Tuesday, we headed out to meet up with my friend, Gina Nall, and her two kids to have lunch at Mi Casita before all the bad weather hit.  It was snowing when we got there, so we made it in and out of there just in time!  It’s our favorite Mexican restaurant, and we just can resist Taco Tuesday for 99-cent tacos.


And of course, we also can’t resist finishing off the meal with some Mexican Fried Ice Cream!  I ran a few quick errands and then picked Hayden up from school.  He didn’t end up going back any more this week!


That night, it seemed so peaceful out, listening to the snow fall with hardly anyone out driving around.  I decided to take Hayden and Haylee and our little dog, Teenie, out for a walk with me.

 20150224_194617 20150224_194634

I love the peaceful silence that comes with snow, especially while it’s still actively falling.  It was so beautiful!


The snow was really slushy this time, so as pretty as the 3 inches was to look at, it wasn’t good for playing in.  So we all just holed up in the house and hung out.  Fortunately, the kids were off school this time, so having Hayden home wasn’t a disruption to their getting their work done.  We all just got to relax and spend time together.  That was pretty cool.

I know much of the south and certainly the northeast is experiencing record amounts of cold and precipitation this month, too, so I hope you’re all staying warm and dry.

See you next week!