Friday, July 28, 2017

Our Housewarming Surprise

Well, we’ve been at our new home in Texas for just over a month now.  But I must say that we got off to a rough start.  On our very first day here, we had Spectrum Communications come out to install Charter Internet service.  They came the night we arrived and said they couldn’t do it and left, saying someone else would be out the next day.  So that first full day, a new person showed up.  I told my husband that he seemed nice enough but reminded me of Forrest Gump, and I wasn’t sure what we were going to get.

He tried two places in the house to set it up and said it wouldn’t work at either location. Then he came up with a third spot and said he thought he could make that work.  So he disappeared into the attic.  At that point, our moving truck had not arrived, so we had no fridge and no furniture of any kind.  The kids and I had run out to grab some food, and the kids and I were sitting on the windowsills eating when we heard a big crash.  I thought the guy had dropped some tools out of the attic access in the garage.  After a little while, the guy comes in and calmly says he just wanted us to know that he fell through the attic and that a manager would be coming out.  I said okay.  I thought he meant in the garage.  Next thing I know, my son drags me by the hand and says I have to come see this…the guy was gone (turns out he took himself to the hospital to get checked out), and there was a giant gaping hole in my rec room ceiling with insulation everywhere!

20170621_162108  20170621_162221

Can you imagine the shock I felt?  The manager came out, along with a third but competent technician this time, and he was extremely apologetic and assured me that the damage would all be taken care of (and miraculously, the third technician was able to put the internet cables right where we wanted them the first time).  Of course, we then had to shut off that room and were unable to use it because of the extreme heat pouring into the room from the attic, but eventually, Steve was able to tape up the ceiling so we could use the room until we could get it all resolved.  We went back and forth with Spectrum, and they finally said we would have to coordinate getting an estimate from a professional contractor, and then they’d consider it and send us a check.  So we did that, and everything was approved to repair the drywall ceiling, matching the texture, and painting the ceiling.  We finally got the check in the mail today, so I’ve scheduled the repair for next Tuesday morning.  Yay!

Our next ordeal has been the pool, but I’ll save that for another post.  In any case, I’m glad we’re almost to the resolution on this unexpected surprise!

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