Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hayden’s Graduation

Amid the craziness of moving and disconnecting everything at home, I never did post about Hayden’s high school graduation.  It was a momentous occasion, after all!  The graduation of my firstborn…and one of the members of the first graduating class of the all-new charter school, Green Run Collegiate School.

Unfortunately, Steve had to miss this graduation since he was already working in TX and was not yet eligible for time off, so I wanted to make it an extra special day.  Our house was mostly packed up, though, so there was no party or anything like that.  A gathering of our closest friends came out to celebrate the event, though, and we all went out to dinner at Applebee’s afterwards.  I was so thankful they were there to share it with us!

Here’s my Hayden, graduating with honors, a member of National Honor Society, and an IB diploma candidate accepting an Advanced Studies Diploma.  Not bad for a kid who was homeschooled until high school.  Way to go, Hayden!  I’m so proud of him and the wonderful young man he’s become.  Smile

IMG952461  20170613_17124820170613_171256  IMG952453

And as you can see, he lost his tassel when he threw his cap in the air.  He picked it up and put it back on, but it fell off again.  Too bad!  People were dropping them everywhere…they just didn’t stay on very well!  Oh, well.

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