Monday, October 24, 2016

Comfort Food Diet…a Success!

I just wanted to post a quick update now that I’ve been cooking the menus from the Comfort Food Diet plans I mentioned last week.  I started last weekend, and in just that amount of time, I’ve already lost 4 pounds!  And let me tell you…I’ve really been enjoying this comfort food!  I’ve had pasta, cheese, bread, pineapple, banana, butter…a whole host of foods I haven’t eaten at all this year since I started dieting at the end of January.  And yet I either lost or stayed the same every single day this past week!  I am now down a total of 18 pounds this year, and I’ve even surpassed my goal weight!  I wanted to reach 123 but had been stuck fluctuating between 125 and 127 since the end of March.  Now I’m 121.2 as of today!  That’s amazing.  This nutrition plan has finally gotten me out of this weight loss plateau.  I had given up on ever reaching my actual goal.  Now look where I am!

I’ve never enjoyed a diet so much in all my life.  I’ve done a LOT of cooking and cleanup…I must admit that.  But I’ve made every meal from scratch, and it’s all been so delicious!  My family is also loving it.  Here are some of the meals I’ve enjoyed over the last few days:

This was a lunch that included a Veggie Pizza (on a whole wheat tortilla), blueberries, and a salad.

This was this morning’s breakfast that included a vegetable frittata, wheat toast with jam, and a naval orange.

This was today’s lunch that included a made-from-scratch California Deluxe Chicken Caesar Pizza (I even made the pizza dough!), pineapple, and a light string cheese.

Tonight we had some marinated steak & veggie kabobs over rice and a salad.  That was delicious, too!  And we had chocolate pudding sandwiches for dessert.  Last night, I made a broiled pineapple dessert with toasted marshmallows on top that was simply amazing!

I have not had the urge to cheat on this nutrition plan.  The meals are very satisfying, and I get dessert every night, so there’s really nothing to crave!  I’m very happy to finally be losing weight and truly enjoying food again.  I don’t feel deprived of anything at all!

I’ve officially lost nearly 13% of my body weight this year.  I feel a real sense of accomplishment in that.  I’m still doing my PINK workouts every day.  I’ve finished that program 3 times, and I started round 4 this week.  I feel happy and strong and fit!  Woo-hoo!

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