Sunday, July 24, 2016

Race Day!

Earlier in the weekend, I heard about a race for children that was taking place before church today.  All of my kids were interested in competing in it, so I talked with my hubby about it, and he agreed to take them before church this morning.  So yesterday morning, I registered them all for it in their own age categories, and Steve took them to pick up their race packets yesterday afternoon.  They were so excited!

Race Day - Before

Hayden will be 17 in a couple of weeks.  His age group was 14-17.  He runs on his school’s cross-country team, so this wasn’t that big of a deal for him.  It was only a one-mile race.  As it turned out, his best friend and fellow teammate was also signed up for this race, so when they saw each other there, it became an instant competition between them.  That added to the fun!

Haylee has run in races before, so she was definitely in a competitive frame of mind.  She’ll be 12 in another week, and her age group was 11-13.  She was pretty pumped up this morning and ready to go!

Holden has never done a race before.  He tends to be dramatic and silly, so Steve wasn’t expecting him to take it seriously, but he was up for the challenge and insisted he wanted to go.  Since he hadn’t done a race before and doesn’t generally go out running with Steve or the kids, Steve decided he’d run alongside Holden to keep him going until the end.  He is 8.5, and his age group was 8-10.

As it turned out, they all did really well!

Race Day - After

Hayden beat his best friend by 1 second!  LOL.  That made his day.  And he ran his fastest mile ever at 6 min. seconds.  He finished in 3rd place out of 11. 

Haylee saw someone she knew in her age group who used to be homeschooled and who does races all the time, so there was a familiar face there for her, too.  Haylee ran her mile in 8 min. 58 sec.  She finished in 10th place out of 30.

Holden did a great job of running the whole way, and he even sprinted at the end!  He finished his mile in 10 min. 19 sec.  He finished in 17th place out of 44.  Pretty impressive for his first race and considering that he doesn’t go out running at all!  He was also on the younger end of his age group, so that was great!

Everybody made it to church on time, and they had a great time doing their races.  There was a heat advisory issued at 11 AM today, so it’s great that they were finished before then and weren’t out in the heat for too long.  I think it was a great experience for all of them, and it was awesome that it was a free event!  I hope they offer it again next year.