Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Firstborn Is 16!

Say it isn’t so!  My, how the years have flown.  :(

After the big annual Burgess Birthday Bash last weekend, Hayden’s actual 16th birthday snuck up unassuming on Wednesday.  He started the day with cross-country practice at school, and then I dropped him off at the bowling alley to bowl with some friends from school while I finished up homeschooling the 2 younger kids for the day. 

Next I baked his favorite birthday cake…a pineapple upside down cake.  Every time he had a piece in the days to follow, he said he was reminded of why it’s always his first choice of birthday cake.  Yum!


I slipped out during the day and picked up his birthday gift from us.  Hayden’s a kid who never really asks for anything and even has a difficult time selecting what he wants when someone asks him to pick something out for this birthday.  What we got him was a torpedo skateboard, and it was the only thing he’d shown any interest in this summer.  Every time we went to Walmart or Target, he managed to go down the sporting goods aisle and ride on this skateboard.  He was totally surprised when I showed up with it in a big gift bag.

See him open it here.

Then for his birthday dinner, he chose to have my homemade chicken enchiladas with Southwestern rice and refried beans.  Everybody was happy with that choice, because it’s one of our favorite meals around here!  We love Mexican food. 


After dinner, we sung happy birthday to him and enjoyed the cake.  Yay! 

Watch here.

He ended the evening by chilling out in the new hexagon chair (which he absolutely loves) that he got for his birthday from friends at church and playing games on the Xbox 360.


Two days later when we were done with school for the week, we spent the day at Colonia Williamsburg exploring all the sights and historical building and demonstrations.  We tried to see all the things we didn’t see the first time we went many years ago when it was early spring and not much was going on.  We had such a good time this time around, and tickets were free for area residents!  That was a nice treat. 

20150814_165445 20150814_155236

  20150814_145657 20150814_153912


Hayden said he had a fabulous time walking around for 5 hours and taking in the sights.  It was really fun, but we were all exhausted.  We spent a total of about 5 hours in traffic round trip because the tunnel was backed up so badly both in the morning and at night.  We knew we were getting home really late, so we stopped at our favorite restaurant, Mi Casita, and had a big dinner and some Mexican fried ice cream as an extended birthday celebration for Hayden.  They even came out and sang to him in Spanish and put a sombrero on his head.  Fun!


We were worn out by the weekend and pretty much laid around.  Hayden even skipped cross-country practice on Saturday morning because he feet still hurt from our long adventure on Friday!  I certainly could relate. 

It seems we’re finally done with our semi-annual round of birthday celebrations, so we’re good now until after Christmas. 

See ya next week!