Sunday, August 30, 2015

An Unusual Sunday

Last weekend, my husband was called in to work on Saturday.  Ugh.  We had plans to go to a special Norfolk Tides double header, and we had to be there early at 4:30 because Steve was supposed to lead Holden’s little league team onto the field during the National Anthem…his team won the Field of Dreams again this year.  Holden was really excited.  Steve works over an hour away in Newport News, so it wasn’t looking good.  But he managed to get them to let him off early so he could make it in time.  Afterwards, there were fireworks over the harbor.  It was great!  Steve got to relax and have a nice time, too, which was good.

DSCF4411 DSCF4414

 DSCF4415 DSCF4416

Then he had to work on Sunday, too.  That meant I’d have to teach the kids’ bible study class.  No big deal, but it meant I couldn’t go to class myself.  Bummer.  But then there was another unexpected turn of events.  On Sunday morning, the preacher contacted everyone to say that he was dizzy and having balance issues and nausea, so that meant there were no men to give a sermon, so we’d have to find someplace else to worship that morning!  Ugh!  Initially, I thought I’d try out the Princess Anne Church of Christ that’s so close to my house.  But then I had a thought…why not go over to our old church, Harpersville Church of Christ in Newport News, and say hello to old friends?  I figured we could make a day of it and visit the Virginia Air & Space Center before we headed home.  So that’s what we did.

Well, I hadn’t been back to Harpersville since we started Southside Church of Christ back in October of 2004.  It’s been 11 years!  Most of the faces have changed, being a largely military congregation.  But there were a handful of old familiar faces.  And it felt so good to sit there in the place where I was married and baptized, among faces of people who were there for both major milestone events in my life.  It was just neat.  And while it’s still small, it’s a much larger congregation than ours, so the a cappella singing was so uplifting!  Thankfully, my kids were well behaved, and we enjoyed visiting with old friends for quite a while afterwards.  I was surprised by how many of them still look just the same as I remembered them, even after all this time!

Steve told us they had plenty of pizza left from lunch the day before, and that it would be okay if we came by his office to eat with him and have a quick tour of his office.  That was pretty cool!  In all the years he’s worked there, both this time around and many years ago when he worked there the first time around, I’ve never been inside that building.  So it felt like quite a privilege to be invited in.  I finally got to see his cubicle where he spends his day.  That was pretty neat.

Then we changed our clothes and headed off to the Virginia Air & Space Center.  They had some new exhibits that we hadn’t seen yet, and we ended up staying until they closed at 5 PM!  I had a great time building a big fort with the kids using huge foam blocks they had. 

20150823_150727 20150823_150839

So it was a very impromptu, unusual Sunday for us, but we had a great time and got to worship with old friends.  That’s always a good thing.

Happy Sunday!