Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – January 19th-25th

Here’s a recap of this crazy week in January!


Monday was a holiday, and I spent the whole day shopping for a new deep freezer.  The kids repeatedly climbed on top of our old one, causing cracks to form on the interior of the lid.  As a result, it would no longer seal properly on one side.  I looked at replacing the interior panel, but the part alone was nearly $200, so we decided to look for a deal and just get a newer more efficient model anyway.  Being a holiday, there were lots of sales going on, so I devoted my whole day to putting together the best deal.  In the end, I ended up getting a much larger 19.7 cu. ft. chest freezer for almost half price by the time I got done with coupons, rebates, and sale prices!  It was great.  It started out regularly $800, and I ended up paying about $435 for it.  Awesome!  They delivered it the next day, just as the wintery weather was setting in.  Here it is:


It’s so lovely!  I let it get down to 0 degrees, and the I got busy moving my food into it.  It has so many partitions and baskets in it that I was able to sort my chicken and turkey, beef, pork, veggies, fruits, potatoes, rice, etc. into their own separate sections.  Love it!  It will be so easy to find things, and it will be easier to plan meals and know when something is getting low and needs to go on my shopping list.  It also has an interior light so you can see better in the evenings, and it has a digital display of the temperature with an alarm that goes off if it reaches 2 degrees or higher.  Love it! 

The next day, I emptied out my stand-up freezer and put everything in the old freezer while I cleaned it out.  I organized everything into baskets so it was orderly, too, and then did the same thing with the refrigerator.  Then I was finally able to unplug my old freezer and let my friend pick it up for storing her animal feed.  Here’s my neat, organized fridge/freezer!


Steve laughed when I said this, but I swear, it felt like Christmas all over again!  It makes my like in the kitchen so much easier!  I know all you homemakers out there can relate!


This week brought a blast of cold arctic air, and with it, that rare treat here in Hampton Roads…SNOW!!!  The snow really came down overnight, and 2 of my 3 kids couldn’t wait to get up and go play in the white fluffy stuff first thing on Wednesday morning!


As you can see, Holden couldn’t bring himself to be out there for more than two seconds…he absolutely abhors the cold and always has, even since he was a baby!  Even as an infant, he was known for non-stop bawling if forced to be out in the cold.  He was perfectly happen to sit this one out! Smile

Both Wednesday and Thursday were declared snow days for Virginia Beach Public Schools, so Hayden got to stay home and enjoy some free time.  The other two who are still homeschooled were *supposed* to have school, but you can guess how that went.  It didn’t help that Steve’s work was also canceled on Wednesday, so he was home, too.  However, he was down with the flu and didn’t do much but wrap himself up in blankets and sweat it out on the floor. 


On Thursday morning, Steve went back to work, but with the rest of the kids home again, I decided to make a Snow Day Breakfast as a special treat.  Behold the omelet with Black Forest Ham/cheese/onion, cheese biscuit with butter, and turkey bacon.  Yum!


Thursday was a little better in terms of school work, but only for Holden.  Haylee came down with a mysterious fever and couldn’t do much, either.  I wish these germs would leave my house!  Everybody, and I mean everybody here has been sick at some point over the last month EXCEPT for me.  Hmph.  Even Hayden had a mysterious fever on Thursday night.  Friday brought a 2-hour delay for public schools, but I was finally able to get somebody doing some school work around here!  Sigh.


In science, Holden was learning about how solids expand and contract based on their exposure to heat, cold, and moisture.  To demonstrate this, we put dried red kidney beans in a container, added water, and put the lid on.  We left it on the windowsill overnight.  The next morning you can imagine his surprise when the swollen beans absorbed all the water and pushed the lid off the top, spilling beans all over the kitchen counter!


Now that was expansion!


That’s about it!  I’m hoping next week brings less germs our way.  One can hope, right?