Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – January 12th-18th

Here’s a rundown of our happenings this week.


In Saxon Math 1, Holden was learning about how to count by 10’s when starting from any random single digit number.  The lesson suggested a really fun rap song to practice this while looking at a hundred number chart.  I found a website that has the rap song typed out for you if you’d like to try it, too.


It was so much fun and so catchy that even Haylee joined in to sing along.  It was so memorable that by the time we got to the worksheet, Holden could answer the related questions without even looking at the hundred number chart.  It was such a great idea, and it helped to make our math lesson fun and started our day out with a positive attitude for the school day!

I happen to have a giant hundred number chart poster that I got at Dollar Tree for $1.  It’s hanging on our school room wall.  It’s handy for activities like this so he doesn’t have to be sitting still while looking at it.


The kids had some money from Christmas to spend, so we stopped in at Toys R Us on our way home from Friday’s gym class.  They had one little endcap with some 75% off clearance items from Christmas.  We found these super cool Melting Snowman kits.


It comes with a ball of putty and some plastic accessories to decorate the snowman such as the hat, googly eyes, carrot nose, branch arms, and scarf.  So you just roll the put out into snowballs and decorate your snowman.  Set it on the table and watch it “melt!”  In no time at all, it gradually sinks down onto the table until it’s a nearly flat blob.  It’s so cute!  You can use it over and over again, and the parts store in the sectional plastic storage container that it came in.  What fun!  This cost the kids a whopping 50 cents.  Cool find!


Holden came down sick on Thursday.  He got up at 5:15 AM throwing up.  He got sick 3 times that morning before being afflicted with horrible diarrhea.  Poor baby!  I had to drive Hayden to school, so Holden had to sit with a plastic tub in his lap in case he had to get sick.  I felt so bad for him.  Unfortunately, the diarrhea continued for 3 more days before it began to improve.  He could hardly eat anything.  Most days, he just had breakfast and then not much of anything else.  He wanted so badly to be better, but he really wasn’t.  He’d get a burst of energy and start running around, only to find that he was exhausted shortly thereafter and wanted to lay down.  Sad smile 

Needless to say, we didn’t do much else this week.  They did do their Friday gym class, and my long-time dear friend, Roslyn, stopped by for a visit on Saturday night.  But that was about it. 


Hopefully, we’ll have more fun next week!  Hayden will have 2 days off from school, so the kids will have more time together to find some adventures.  There’s a Homeschool Day at the local aquarium on Friday, so we’re hoping to do that.  Stay tuned!