Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – February 2nd - 8th

I can hardly believe it’s already February!  It’s time for a whole new month of fun.


Holden’s Abeka art project this week was to paint a picture of something using basic geometric-shaped sponges.  Haylee thought it looked like so much fun that she decided to get in on the action, too.


Holden made a Big Bird (I had a sponge shaped like Big Bird’s head), and Haylee made a flower with a sun.  They were cute, and they had lots of fun!  I ended up making one myself of a tree in the sun with a shadowed ground.  Fun!


On Saturday, I took Haylee and Holden up to Lowe’s for their Build & Grow Kid’s Workshop.



They each got to build a love note holder.  It was a really simple project, and Holden loved hammering the nails in. 


On Saturday night, Hayden and I went to see the Magical Mystery Tour concert with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra at Chrysler Hall in Norfolk.  Wow!  What an incredible performance!


The group professionally imitates the Beatles and tours the country playing with local orchestras.  It was awesome!  Hayden had such a great time and gushed about it as soon as he got home, telling his dad all about it.  They played two encores!  We decided we have to go every time they are in town.

I snapped this selfie picture right after the concert when we were waiting at the elevator.  I never realized how very much Hayden looks like me until I got home and looked at this photo.  Love it!


My mom went in the hospital this week with pneumonia.  They also drained a liter of fluid from the pleural space around her lungs, called a pleural effusion.  That’s generally a sign of some underlying disease process.  Initial tests revealed a spot on her lung that may be lung cancer.  She’ll be transferred to Little Rock to see an oncologist once she gets over the pneumonia.  We’re all anxious to hear what they find when they test that fluid.  It it turns out to contain malignant cells, then it will be a sign that cancer has already metastasized in her body, and that would be very, very bad.  It’s a bit of a waiting game at this point.


That pretty much sums up our week.  See ya next time!