Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – January 26th-February 1st

Here’s the lowdown on our final blustery week in January!


Another snow-day breakfast!


With everybody home again, I couldn’t resist making a special treat.  Instead of something like cereal or oatmeal like we’d usually have, we feasted on hash rounds, omelet with black forest ham and cheese, turkey sausage patty, turkey bacon, and French toast.  Yum!


This week’s snow came overnight…we went to bed and woke up to a winter wonderland, even more wintery than last week’s!  Our first snowfall was only about 6”, which was already a lot for this area.  This time around, we got 10”!  I stuck a ruler in the snow just to be sure.  And the drifts were much deeper!  Steve dug the walkway out for me.  You can see how deep it was!  Hayden ended up missing 2 days of school last week and 3 days this week!  I can’t even remember the last time Virginia Beach had this many snow days!



Later that evening, I captured the most gorgeous sunset!  The sky had the most beautiful reds and purples that changed rapidly as the sun went down.  Awesome!


Holden, of course, managed to stay indoors all day.  He wanted no part of that cold stuff!  But after dark, Haylee convinced him to go out with her to see if they could build a small snowman.  The snow was still too fluffy because it was SO cold out, but they still had fun trying.  He did try for very long!  LOL


Then way after dark, Hayden went back out again to have Haylee completely bury him in the snow!  Crazy boy.  I swear, I don’t know how he could breathe!  I think by the time Haylee brought me out to take a photo or two, he was beginning to panic!


Hayden and Haylee trekked that day all over town in the snow.  I could hardly believe how far they walked!  No one was out driving around yet because the roads hadn’t yet been cleared, so they were free to explore, and they enjoyed seeing the untouched snow covering absolutely everything!


I spent one of the snow days relaxing and doing some crafting.  My homeschooled kids were scheduled to be off this week, too, as it so happened, so it worked out great that all the kids were free to play together, and I could have some quiet time to relax a bit and do some scrapbooking.


I was working through photos from March of 2010!  I know, I know…it was SO long ago.  But I’m determined to catch back up to being one year from present times.  It’ll happen eventually!  (Okay, don’t put any money on that bet, just in case).  Anyway, this was a trip we made with a friend to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.  Fun times!  I had to giggle at how little and immature my kids looked and how much they’ve changed in nearly 4 years.  Sigh.  Where has the time gone?


By Saturday, we were due for a major rain storm by evening, and the temps were up to the 60’s.  That temp alone is bizarre for February here…almost as bizarre as getting 10 inches of snow!  This seems to be a winter of surprises.  Anyway, we knew the snow wouldn’t make it past this day, so I drove the kids over to a hill behind the shopping center across from our neighborhood to go sledding for the first time ever.  That was a first for me, too!


It was so much fun!  Some kids had left behind the deck of a skateboard they’d used another time, so Hayden used it to snowboard.  He was pretty good at it!  The rest of us used a wave board we bought for this summer.  That was awesome!  I took a couple of goes at it myself, but I had errands to run, so they spent a couple of hours there with my checking in on them periodically before they were ready to be done.  There were some other nice kids there, too, so they really had a good time.  It tuckered them all out in the snow and sunshine, and they all crashed early that night!  It was a great ending to a very unusual week!


That’s a wrap!  We probably won’t get any more significant snowfall this winter, as we don’t normally get even as much snow as we’ve already had in Hampton Roads this season.  But you never know…I’ll never forget the blizzard of ‘96, which happened in the month of February! 

See ya next week!