Monday, August 19, 2013

The Annual Burgess Birthday Bash 2013

It’s that time of year again…time for Hayden and Haylee to celebrate their birthdays together with their friends in one giant birthday bash!DSCF0789

This year’s party took place on Saturday, August 10th.  Traditionally, the kids pick a theme, usually a country, and we build the whole party around that theme with authentic foods and music and lots of fun.  We’ve done so many popular country themes that we were frankly running out of ideas!  So this year, it dawned on us that we hadn’t done our own country, the good ‘ol USA!  So we had a patriotic American themed party this year!

I have to say that this was the easiest theme we’ve done so far.  I had no trouble finding party goods between Memorial Day and Independence Day.  I had lots to choose from.  That was cool, ‘cause some years, I’ve really struggled to find what we needed, and eventually had to shop online.

So our fare this year was sliders, turkey hot dogs, cheese and turkey cocktail sausages, fruit tray, veggie tray with ranch dip, snacks galore, potato salad, three kinds of French fries, and sliced everything bread with bruschetta spread.  For the cakes, I made a 1/2 sheet cake that was strawberry with whipped cream cheese frosting, and then I made 24 Stars & Stripes Funfetti cupcakes with vanilla frosting and 48 mini cupcakes of the same kind.  On the cake, I drew an American flag and sprinkled it with red and blue colored sugar.  Fun!










Outside, we had tons of activities for the kids.  They had all kinds of crafts, bubbles, a washer toss game, baseball, golf, silly string, candy-filled cupcake containers for a hunt, 100 water balloons ready to throw, and motorized water guns.  It was hot, so it was a perfect day for them to get wet.  Then I made up goody bags for all of the kids to take home.










We had our largest group ever with 13 adults and 15 kids in attendance.  It was a full house, for sure!  Everybody seemed to have a great time, and I was so thankful that the torrential downpour and severe thunderstorm warning held off until right after the last guest left the party!










The kids had so much fun with their friends, and poor Hayden had to be the guinea pig while all of the girls drew all over him with blendy markers!  Too funny.  He spent half the night scrubbing it off his face, arms, and legs.  It was hysterical!  He looked like a canvas.

Now that another celebration has drawn to a close, we have to think about what theme to do next year.  Hmmmm…what could it be?