Monday, August 20, 2012

Caterpillar Word Wall

Holden is doing Saxon Phonics K this year, and it suggested that I make a caterpillar word wall as a means of having him practice the words that he can now read himself.  In the lessons, it will suggest what words to add to it and when to add them.  Here’s a photo of what we have so far.


We used our hand pointer from Dollar Tree to point at the letters and sound out the words.  He practiced a couple of different times over the weekend, and I could see that it was really building his confidence as he read the words for his dad and siblings at various times.  It also did my heart good to hear him and realize he really is learning some stuff when we do school together!  LOL. 

If you’re interested in making one, I used a pack of foam circles that I bought at Dollar Tree for the caterpillar sections, some self-adhesive googly eyes that I had, a green chenille stem cut in half and wrapped around sparkly green pom-poms for the antennae, and a mouth cut out from paper.  I printed the words using a word wall generator here from ABC Teach (you must be a member to print your own custom word walls.  I stuck the words on with a glue stick and just rolled up clear tape on the back of each circle to mount them on the wall.  It took very little effort and has already proven to be a great learning tool for Holden!