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REVIEW: Activity-Pak: The New Testament by Home School in the Woods

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

We have always loved hands-on history products by Home School in the Woods, so we were excited to review their Activity-Pak: The New Testament this time around.


Activity-Pak: The New Testament is designed to be used as a supplement to your New Testament studies.  While many other hands-on history product from Homeimage School in the Woods include text that make them stand-alone products, this activity-pak does not include additional text for students to read.  It does, however, include scripture references for students to study, which in a sense, could make it a useful primary study guide. 

Students will use the materials to create a keepsake Lap Book™ that can be used for years to come as a reference guide to key highlights of New Testament information.  The activity-pak includes a total of 15 Lap Book™ activities, as well as 2 bonus activities.

This activity-pak is available for digital download for just $18.95 or on CD for $19.95 plus shipping.


This is our 19th year of homeschooling, and over that time, we’ve used a variety of products from Home School in the Woods.  They are a great tool for hands-on history that make the information interesting and memorable for our students.  This activity-pak for the New Testament is no exception!

If you have used other products from Home School in the Woods in the past and have found that they just take up too much time in your homeschool, then you should really consider trying one of the activity-paks like this one on the New Testament.  It does not include additional text or study pages for students to use.  That makes it an ideal supplement to your existing New Testament studies.  It doesn’t require a huge time commitment.  The assembly instructions for the printable Lap Book™ elements are easy to follow, and the main supplies you’ll need are colored and white paper and cardstock, tape, scissors, and glue.  If your students like to color elements printed on white paper, then you’ll want a variety of colored pencils, as well.

There are 15 primary activities that will be saved for your finished Lap Book™.  The topics include:

  1. The Lineage from David to Jesus

    #1 - The Lineage from David to Jesus

  2. Triptych of the Birth of Jesus Christ

    #2 - Triptych of the Birth of Jesus Christ

  3. Miracles of Jesus

    #3 - Miracles of Jesus

  4. The Beatitudes Pie Book

    #4 - The Beatitudes Pie Book

  5. Fruit of the Spirit

    #5 - Fruit of the Spirit

  6. The Parables of Jesus

    #6 - The Parables of Jesus

  7. The Last Supper
  8. The Crucifixion
  9. The Ascension
  10. Pentacost
  11. The Resurrection
  12. Prophesies Fulfilled
  13. The Twelve Disciples
  14. Paul’s Missionary Journeys
  15. Postcards from Paul

In addition, there are two bonus activities:

  • “The New Testament News”
  • The Armor of God

Once you’ve received your download and uncompressed the files, you simply click on the “start” file to be taken to your main menu.  From that menu, you’ll be able to view and/or print all the necessary instructions for the entire project, print the necessary materials, and view photos of what the completed elements should look like.

Start File

You can print and create each project as you go along, or you can choose as I did to print all the instructions and materials up front and store them in a binder so they’ll be at hand as you need them.  I like to feel organized and ready-to-go, so that’s always my method of choice.  I printed everything before I got started and stored it in a binder with an insertable cover like this.

Product Cover Image

You could follow the instructions on the computer screen as you work on a piece of the project, but I prefer printed instructions, so I stored them in the binder like this.


We paced ourselves with one activity per week for the six weeks of the review period, so as we created each element for the Lap Book™, we just stored it in a plastic storage bag in the inside pocket of the binder.  Once we’ve completed creating and discussing each activity, we’ll assemble the completed Lap Book™ project at the end.  Here’s a photo image from Home School in the Woods that shows what your completed project should look like, as well as the two included bonus activities.

Completed Image

If you have students who like to color, they can add color to the elements printed on white paper or cardstock by adding color with colored pencils.  When my older daughter was homeschooled, she used to love adding color to these projects herself.  My youngest son, though, has never really enjoyed coloring, so I either print things on colored paper and cardstock or just leave them printed in black and white.

All in all, we feel the activities are fun and easy to create, and they will create a lovely keepsake Lap Book™ that my son can reference in the future as his thoughts go back to the scriptures and topics we covered using this activity-pak.  And once our project is completed, we also have the option of completing the two bonus activities that are included.  One would have us create a mock newspaper highlighting New Testament events.  My daughter used to enjoy pretending to be an ancient reporter and summarizing events as if she were actively reporting at the time, adding timely advertisements and illustrations in the spaces provided.  My son doesn’t enjoy writing that much, so we will probably skip this activity, but that’s one of the many ways you can customize these projects with your students, using just the parts that suit their learning styles.  The other bonus activity would have us create a letter-sized card that teaches students how to put on the Armor of God every day, and we intend to do this activity, as well.  I’ll probably tuck it inside our finished Lap Book™ for safe keeping.

And if you’ve used the timeline products in the past, you may be interested to know that Home School in the Woods is making some changes.  The timelines have shifted entirely to digital download format.  In the conversion, the sets have been enlarged to include the timeline figures in various formats, allowing customers to use them in various ways such as in a larger size for a wall timeline rather than a smaller size for a notebook timeline.  Take a look at the Timeline Set: Creation to Christ to see what the new format looks like.

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