Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Town Fun


I apologize for being a bit late with my weekly post.  I normally put it up on Sunday, but we were out in Williamsburg after church that day until very, very late, and it completely slipped my mind! 

In any case, rest assured that Hayden, Haylee, and I were off having a fabulous time at Busch Gardens’ Christmas Town!

This has become somewhat of a tradition for the 3 of us over the last couple of years.  Holden stays home with Steve and gets to go have a day out with daddy.  They usually go out to eat somewhere unusual.  This year, they went to Buffalo Wild Wings and played tons of games on the handheld devices while they had lunch together.

20151206_151848Christmas Town was especially busy, and we were there from before the official opening time until closing.  Our timing was a bit off with the show schedule, so we only managed to see 2 of the shows this time.  We also rode The Battering Ram and Davinci’s Cradle one time each (Haylee panicked a bit on that one!), and to close out the night, we took a train ride all the way around the park to enjoy the thousands of Christmas lights that were on display.  It was very festive, indeed!

Rest assured, we managed to eat way too much food in the Festhaus, where we enjoyed a full Christmas dinner.  We also indulged in goodies and snacks and plenty of hot beverages like Wassail Cider and Peppermint Hot Chocolate, as well.

All in all, we had a great time, and we were very excited to see the one new show this season…the Coca-Cola ice show called “’Twas That Night.”  It was awesome!


My favorite photo of the day was this picture I took of Hayden and Haylee together on our way out of the park.  For once, they’re both smiling, looking at the camera, and not being goofy! 


Have a merry, merry Christmas!