Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Solution to Microsoft Live Writer Not Working with Blogger

If you use Microsoft Live Writer (MLW) to publish to Blogger, then you’ve surely noticed that sometime after the morning of December 9th, it once again ceased to work with Blogger.  That’s because Google discontinued the temporary workaround that allowed MLW to continue working with Blogger.  The new security protocols have been re-established, making them incomOpen Live Writerpatible. 

But alas, the good volunteers at Microsoft have put together a team who have converted MLW to open source, calling it Open Live Writer (OLW).  All is not lost!

Simply go here and download the new OLW.  Follow the instructions to link it to your Blogger account during installation, and you’ll be up and running in moments!  In fact, this is my first post using OLW.  It was a piece of cake, and it looks just like MLW to me!  I love that I don’t need to learn a new piece of software all over again.  I really love Live Writer, so I’m thankful for the volunteers who’ve worked to make sure this wonderful FREE product is still available to those of us in the blogging world who rely so heavily on it.

Thank you!

Happy blogging, everyone!