Sunday, November 8, 2015

How to Attend FREE Movie Screenings

Have you ever wondered how people get tickets to advance movie screenings in local theaters?  Ever wonder why you never hear about them until a friend says they went to one? 

This summer, I read a great article in the now-defunct ShopSmart magazine that gave the insider’s scoop on how to get in-the-know about movie screenings.  I followed their instructions to sign up at several sites to participate in future screenings, and before long, I was in my local theaters seeing movies for FREE before they were even available to the general public.  Now I probably get an offer at least once a week.

So today, I want to share with you how to sign up for yourselves.  Check out the sites below:


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SEE IT FIRST (for Disney movies)


Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to know the ground rules.  You will be notified by email when a screening is available in your area.  It will outline for you the name of the movie, and the date and time of the event.  You’re generally offered the opportunity to claim your choice of either one or two passes.  You visit the link in the email, click on “claim my passes,” and the website will tell you whether or not passes are still available.  If so, you confirm how many you want, and you’ll receive a confirmation with a download link to print your passes.  Now these passes are usually claimed very quickly, so if you’re not checking your email regularly, you’re not likely to ever get any tickets.

In addition, they always offer more passes than the number of seats in the theater, so it’s important to arrive extra early to ensure that you’ll get a seat.  Once the theater fills up, they will turn you away at the door.  Arriving an hour before the show is pretty common.  Half an hour is as late as I’d push it, and even that is questionable as to whether or not even a single seat might be available, particularly with a highly anticipated film. 

Someone will generally stand up in the front of the theater before the movie begins to welcome you and thank you for attending the screening, and maybe tell a little bit about the film.  Sometimes, they’ll have a media person present who might do a giveaway, as well.  Then after the film, there will be studio representatives outside the door holding clipboards who will ask you for your reaction to the movie.  They’ll make notes about your feedback, so if you would like to share your opinion, be prepared to gives just a few words to express what stood out to you most about the film, both good and bad.

So the mystery is solved!  Now you, too, can participate in free movie screenings in your hometown.