Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – October 19th-25th

I was busy methodically cleaning each room in my house this week, ending each one with shampooing the carpet.  I never have time for deep cleaning during the school week, so I generally get caught up when we have a week off at the end of the month.  I had double the reason to get it all done this week, because we’ll be hosting bible study, worship services, and the potluck at our house on Sunday.  The building we rent for church services is not available next weekend, so once a year, we end up hosting it at our house!


After church on Sunday, I went to Sandler Center with my neighbor friend, Val, to enjoy the Virginia Symphony’s Classics concert featuring the music of Mozart.  It was just the kind of classical I prefer…lots of string and wind instruments, minus the percussion and brass.


Beautiful!  Nice way to start my week.


This week started out cold enough that I finally got to make the first fire of the season in our buck stove!


The kids and I huddled in the living room all day and stayed toasty warm!  I look forward to many more days of enjoying my fireplace.  Bring it on, winter!


Needless to say, with all the cleaning I did this week, I didn’t have time for much else.  However, I did manage to go out on Tuesday to chaperone Hayden’s field trip to the Virginia Zoo with his digital photography class from school.  I drove separately with Haylee and Holden and met the school bus there.  Since we have a family pass, I got us and Hayden in apart from the school group, and then we rejoined everyone inside.  The teacher assigned 6 students to me, and we split up into our groups so the kids could go around the zoo, taking turns getting photos of various animals.DSCF2252

We had a wonderful time together!  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and all the animals were out and about and very active because the weather was so pleasant!  Here’s my selfie with one of the giraffes!


Along the way, Haylee discovered a super-cool-looking caterpillar crawling on a railing, so I called Hayden over to see it, and he picked it up and let it crawl around on his arms the whole time we were there!  The rest of the students, the teacher, and even some passersby kept saying it looked like something they’d seen circulating on the internet that’s supposedly cute and fuzzy but extremely poisonous!  Hayden said “well, I’m all in!”  LOL  When it was time to go, he put it into an empty water bottle I had and took it back to school with him so everybody could see it.  I swear, it was the cutest, fuzziest, softest caterpillar I’ve ever seen!  Everybody back at school was apparently afraid of it, too. 


So when Hayden got home, we immediately searched for images of “Jeff-fa-fa” online to try and identify what kind of caterpillar he was.  Turns out, he’s a tussock moth caterpillar.  We put him in Holden’s bug habitat at home so we could watch him and observe him using the built-in magnifying glasses.  We read up on what he likes to eat, and we tried different leaves from our front yard until we found one he absolutely LOVED!  He devoured it so fast and started pooping all over the place!  LOL.  We put a moist paper towel in the bottom so he could have a drink.  He’s been in there loving life ever since we brought him home!  I guess we’ll wait and see if he goes through metamorphosis.  That will be cool to watch!


After a hard week of cleaning, I decided to go out on Friday night with Hayden to the Haunted Hayride, Field of Screams, and Village of the Damned at Hunt Club Farm.  Here we are, just arriving.


Then here’s Hayden posing here to show that he survived the Field of Scream!


We thought the haunted hayride was really cool, and also the Village of the Damned.  We did both of those attractions twice!  The first time, we tried to be prepared for surprise scares.  The second time through, we knew what to expect, so we had fun messing with the actors.  Like when they jumped in beside us on the hayride with chainsaws and knives, Hayden just smiled and said “hi” quite casually, and they said “die!” in response!  LOL.  I had fun heckling them a bit on round two.  We had a great time.

Then we stumbled upon a really tall, really scary dude in a white wedding dress with a knife.  He was massive, and he looked so cool!  I asked him if I could take a selfie with him, so he posed here.  While i was getting the shot, he pulled up my hair in the back and pretended he was going to hack off my hair.  Everybody around us was laughing.  He was really funny.


Unfortunately, there was a bright light on a pole right behind us, so it ruined the view of the guy, who was super tall, but you get the idea.  We had so much fun!  I like taking time out to do special things with Hayden.  He saw a lot of his friends there, and he was the only one there with him mom.  But you know what?  He didn’t seem to mind one bit.  He loves his mom, and I love him, too.  <3


I hope you guys have a great week!  I’ll be preparing to take the kids trick-or-treating for Halloween.  Haylee can’t wait to wear her candy corn witch costume.  She looks so pretty in it, too!

Until then…