Wednesday, October 29, 2014

REVIEW: Homework Reward Treasure Hunt and Soccer Treasure Hunt by Clued in Kids

Haylee and Holden were really excited to get to review the fun Homework Reward Treasure Hunt and the Soccer Treasure Hunt by Clued in Kids!



Clued in Kids offers a whole series of printable and pre-packaged scavenger/treasure hunts to suit kids ages 4 and up, and they can even be coordinated by teens so kids of varying ages can all work together. 

The Homework Reward Treasure Hunt is a printable treasure hunt that is meant to be used as a reward for children who have completed their school work.  It’s available for just $5.99.  In addition, if you sign up for the newsletter from Clued in Kids, you can receive this treasure hunt for free, so check it out and see if this is something your family might enjoy!

The Soccer Treasure Hunt is a printable treasure hunt with an overall soccer theme to it.  If soccer is a popular sport with your kids, then they are likely to enjoy this hunt.  They will need to know a few things about the sport in order to solve some of the clues.  It’s available for just $5.99.



The idea of treasure hunts really appealed to my kids, so when the opportunity arose to do this review, both Haylee (age 10) and Holden (age 6) were really happy to try them out!  We’d never done anything like this before, so the prospect seemed pretty exciting to us.

I invited each of them to select a theme they thought they’d enjoy the most.  Haylee picked the Homework Reward Treasure Hunt, because I often pass out little rewards throughout the day if the kids are staying on task and sticking to the schedules.  But Haylee especially loves a bigger reward at the end of the day when she finishes school on time.  This is because she struggles with staying on task, and an end-of-day reward is something she has to work hard to earn.  This scavenger hunt seemed to fit the bill!  After all, who wouldn’t look forward to a little fun after a hard day of school work?

Holden selected the Soccer Treasure Hunt.  Obviously, he wanted to choose a boyish theme, and since we’re right in the middle of our soccer season, this oneDSCF2254 appealed to him right away! 

The setup only took about 10 minutes.  First, I printed out the kit and cut the pages in half with a pair of scissors to separate the instructions, clues, and answer key.  Then I looked at the bottom of each clue to see the note regarding where it needed to be hidden and went to place the clues accordingly around the house or outside, as the case may be.  I selected Tastykakes as the treasure, and I hid them under Haylee’s bed to be found by following the last clue.  Then I called the kids together and gave them their first clue.  Off they went! 

Here’s a video of how our Homework Reward Treasure Hunt went.

I think Haylee’s favorite part of this particular hunt was the clue where she had to fold the paper into a paper airplane and fly it.  She’s never been good at making paper airplanes, and the folds on this one were a bit different from anything she’d tried to make in the past.  In fact, it flew so well that she was genuinely shocked, and when the hunt was over, she returned to fly her paper airplane again and again!  She was amazed to have made one that worked so well!DSCF2255

The next treasure hunt we did was the Soccer Treasure Hunt that Holden had selected.  Some of the clues for this hunt required a little knowledge of soccer and related terms, so it worked out well that both of them currently play soccer.  I followed the same procedure noted above to set it up, and I selected little bags of Reese’s Miniatures for their treasure, hidden in their shoes, which were located by following the final clue. 

Here’s another video depicting how that hunt went.

I think their favorite part of this hunt was finding clues in strange places like the grill, the front door, their soccer bag, and on the shoe rack with their cleats!

As you can see, both of the kids really enjoyed these treasure hunts!  In fact, they enjoyed them so much, that by bedtime, Holden was already asking me if we could buy more of these treasure hunts to do!  It’s true that there certainly are plenty of them to choose from.  I would imagine they’d also be a lot of fun in groups, like for his birthday party coming up after Christmas.  I will definitely have to keep these in mind!

I will say that there were some clues that Holden would not have been able to work out by himself…there were some more advanced math problems at times that would be too hard for a first grader.  But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t help your child find the answer now and then.  It’s all the more reason why these are great for multiple children to work on together.  Team work won them their prizes in the end, and that’s always something I like to see in my children!

The bottom line is that these were a great way to build social interaction and to practice skills in logic, math, social studies, and reading, all while having a great heap of fun!

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