Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – November 16th-22nd

This was a busy week of events for Hayden.


I received the November Bark Box.  It was so cute!  There was a large squeaky turkey leg, an adorable stuffed porcupine chef with a hat and apron and crinkly plastic and a squeaker inside, and 2 bags of fall themed organic snacks.  The girls loved everything, and Lilly snuck right up and kept stealing the porcupine right out of the box in my lap every time I tried to take a picture!


It took her no time at all to get the seams open and pull out the stuffing, squeaker, and plastic bottle.  Lilly goes absolutely nuts when there’s a crinkly sound inside!


On Wednesday, we all went with Hayden up to his school for the fall sports banquet.  The first thing they did was call him up for an Academic Award for maintaining honor roll while playing a school sport.  That was pretty cool! 

 20141119_191258 20141119_191318

Then after the special awards were all given out by the coaches, each team broke out into separate classrooms to receive their letter, pin, and certificate from their coach. 

This was Hayden’s first time lettering, so it was a great experience for him.


On Friday, I made my weekly shopping trip to Trader Joe’s.  I was so surprised and excited to run into an old dear friend of mine, Audrey Aivalotis, and her son, Matthew.  She’s an old friend from my working days before I had children, and we kept in touch into Hayden’s early years.  I haven’t seen either of them in probably 12 years.  She looks just the same!


I was so happy to see her.  When I suffered my first miscarriage, I’ll never forget how she came over to pray with me, and she brought me a little white bear to honor my baby.  I loved her so much for that!  She was really there for me during a difficult time.  I felt such joy in seeing her again!


On Saturday, Steve gave out trophies to his team after their final makeup game since he and Hayden were away on the school field trip the Saturday before on Awards Day.  I got there just in time to see Hayden get his trophy!

And of course, Steve made a little speech about each recipient.  Those two are so funny!

And as soon as Hayden was finished at soccer, I had to whisk him off to his best friend’s birthday party.  He got to play laser tag with his friends and then go indoor go-carting.  What fun!


That’s a wrap!  We’re off from homeschooling this next week, and Hayden gets out of school early on Wednesday for the holiday weekend.  I plan to get my Christmas tree put up and all of our presents wrapped before Thanksgiving.  We’ll be having some guests from church, so I’ll be doing a lot of tidying up, too.  And I hear that Walmart will be starting their Black Friday sale at 6 PM on Thursday!  So I guess I know where Hayden and I will be!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!