Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – October 5th-11th

This was a fairly uneventful week of catching up after our break, and Hayden continued to struggle with making up all of his missed work and quizzes.  Who’d have thought 2 days of fun could create such a mess of work? 


The weather this week was especially mild, and the sunshine felt so god!  Haylee and I decided to soak up some sun while we did our read-alouds for school outside at the table.


She drew on the chalkboard while I read, sometimes making illustrations that went along with our story (I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade).  That was pretty cool!  And we had plenty of snacks on hand, too, including some of that PB2 peanut butter that you make from powder.  That stuff is so good and has less than 25% of the calories of regular peanut butter!  Have you tried it?  If not, give it a shot.  It’s delicious!  They make peanut butter and press all the oils/fat from it, then dehydrate what remains into a powder.  You just reconstitute it with water.  Voila!  Delicious peanut butter that’s only 45 calories per 2 Tbsp. instead of 200!  I’ll take that any day, ‘cause I love me some peanut butter with my apples!  I scored some for just $4/jar at Big Lots, but I did notice it at Target for just $4.50.  Well worth it.


Before we went to the fair, I picked up a Groupon deal for tickets to the Admirals hockey game.  We’d all been looking forward to going on Saturday night after a day of soccer games, which incidentally got canceled due to rain.

 FB_IMG_1413067542373 FB_IMG_1413078541360

This was the opening game of the season against the Bears, and it was such an awesome game!  We jumped out of our seats a lot, and the whole game was back and forth scoring so you couldn’t tell who was going to win until the very end.  The Admirals took the win, which was a great way to end a wonderful evening.

The downside was that I not only left one of our reusable water bottles that go to our set (ugh…we love these) under the seat, but I also dropped my credit card out of my pocket and didn’t realize it until the next morning.  Double ARGH!  I had to call my credit card company and cancel my account and get a new one issued.  Now comes the waiting game for the new card, and worse yet, the long list of companies I have to contact to change my billing information for those automatic payments I have set up.  Blech!  And the kicker is that I didn’t even use the card at the game…I just stuck it in my pocket and ended up paying cash! 


So as you can see, it really was a pretty slow week.  It’s always tough getting back to school work after a break, especially after a vacation, but we made it through.  Since we did 4 weeks on (instead of 3) and 1 week off to time the break just right for our trip, we only have to do 2 weeks on before we take another week off for October, so that won’t be so bad.

Until next week…