Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – October 12th-18th

This was a week of miscellaneous happenings, for sure!  Here’s a look at our random outings and events.


I absolutely love my new smartphone, new to me this summer…a Samsung Galaxy Ace Style from Straight Talk.  It’s my first smartphone, and I keep finding new things to do with it.  Where have you been all my life?  My handiest app is Cardstar.  I was able to get rid of all of those key-tag store loyalty cards by scanning them all into the app on my phone.  Now when I’m shopping, I just open the app and select the store card I need, and it pulls up the bar code for the cashier to scan.  I love it!

I’ve been busy loading up on all kinds of apps for stores and restaurants that bring me coupons.  I love coupons!  And I’ve signed up for great text offers from places like Arby’s, Sonic, 7-11, and Long John Silver’s.  Speaking of Long John Silver’s, I got a text offer for a kids’ meal for 99 cents when you donate $1 to Children’s Miracle Network for one day only.  So since the kids were off from school this week, we decided to head out for a rare lunch treat. 


Here are my little pirates.  ARGH!  They enjoyed their fish…their favorite! 


The kids were off school on Friday to kick off our 10-day break, so I broke out our old V-Smile console and hooked it up to the tv in the living room so they could play some games together.  Wouldn’t you know the first game they pulled out was Soccer Challenge?  Of course it was!  We’re right in the heart of our soccer season, after all. 


It was cute watching them play together without fighting.  But of course, it didn’t last all that long since they’re really too old for the most of the games.  But the novelty of it was cool.  I always loved how you could rotate the joystick for a left-hander like Holden.


On Friday night, we decided to go see a movie with Steve.  He met us there straight from work.  We went to Cinema Cafe, so we got to eat dinner while we watched Guardians of the Galaxy.


I didn’t actually know much about the movie before we saw it, but it was really good!  We all enjoyed it.


After our soccer games on Saturday, I rushed home so the kids could change into their Halloween costumes so we could go over to our community clubhouse for a costume party and trunk-or-treating.  We knew we’d be late because of soccer, but we were hoping to catch the costume contest.  When we got there, it turned out they held it earlier than they’d planned, and we missed both the party and the contest!  Bummer.  But they were just starting the trunk-or-treating, so they at least got to do that.


Haylee found this cute Candy Corn Witch costume at the thrift store for $4.  It’s so cute!  Everybody loves the colors.  Holden will be going as Batman this year, which I recycled from when Hayden was little.  It was so windy outside, and Haylee kept losing her hat!  We could barely keep it on long enough to take the picture!

When we got home, we discovered one of the treat bags had a coupon for a free kids’ meal from Applebee’s, so I see another night out coming soon! 


In Saturday’s mail, I got our last BarkBox from that 6-month daily deal voucher we purchased in the spring.  Our dogs have enjoyed their toys and treats so much that we talked about it and decided to renew for another year, which gives you the best rate of $19/month.  Here’s what we got this month.


As you can see, it had a Halloween theme!  Their favorite was that cool mummy mat, which had 16 squeakers in it plus crinkle fabric!  Lilly absolutely loves it.  The dogs started playing tug-of-war with it immediately, and she loves all the sounds it makes.  That toy alone prices out at $15 at Amazon, so these boxes are definitely a good value for the money.  Then they got a really loud, squeaky skull, a beef strip, some goat liver snacks, and some pumpkin biscuits.  I love that all the snacks are organic and completely natural.  The little pumpkin cookies smell so good, and the dogs really loved them!  There were a couple sitting on the table, and Hayden walked in and nearly ate one because they smelled just like pumpkin pie! 


That wraps up our week of random happenings!  Until next week…