Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – May 11th-17th

Wow!  This school year is just about over!  How close is your family to finishing up?


It’s Mother’s Day!  Haylee started off my day by making me some delicious cinnamon bun strata using one of her recipes from her cooking classes at Young Chef’s Academy.  It was so delicious that I don’t even have a photo to show you of how they turned out…we all devoured them in record time! 

She and Steve also greeted me with beautiful flowers when I came downstairs!  I never get flowers, so this was a real treat.  I love mixed bunches.  Gorgeous!


And as we left church, I had the kids pose for some photos outside the building.


Aren’t they a handsome crew?  I sure do love them a lot.  Mother’s Day is really hard for me this year since I just recently lost my own mom.  I found it difficult to think about celebrating this day without sadness creeping in at not being able to share it with her.  But I truly am blessed with my own beautiful children, and I certainly have much to be thankful for in that regard!

When we got home, I made my favorite lunch for everybody…homemade reuben sandwiches with a Boar’s Head pickle on the side.  Yum!


Then Steve and Haylee (well, mostly Steve) worked hard in the kitchen to prepare another one of her recipes for dinner.  This was a delicious chicken pasta dish where they even made their own sauce. 


Thanks for all the special treats, guys!  I had an extra special day, for sure.


If you know me, you know how much of a passion I have for ice cream…like every night before I go to bed.  It’s my vice in life.  I admit it.

An ice cream company called The Ice Cream Club makes my all-time favorite flavor called Stellar Coffee.  A local shop used to carry it, along with a number of other flavors we love from this vendor (Mint Trax, Birthday Cake, etc.), but they no longer do business with them.  Such a shame!  No other place in the state of VA carries this company’s ice cream.  It beats Coldstone, hands down. 

Some time last year when I could no longer get this ice cream in the local parlor, I contacted the company directly to ask if there was a way for me to get it.  They said no, but that in the future, they hoped to sell directly to consumers by-the-pint through an online website.  They asked if I’d like to have my name added to the contact list for when this came to fruition, and I said yes.


Well, low and behold, it’s been about a year, and out of the blue, I got an email from them saying the website is ready, and they wanted to invite me to be part of a test group to try out the website ordering process and see how it went.  They are selling their pints for $10 each with a 6-pint minimum order.  Yikes!  That’s $60 plus $19 shipping!  Well, as part of the test group, they offered me a one-time coupon code that would make the entire order cost only $1 including shipping!  YES!  It was indeed my lucky day!  So on Wednesday of this week, my ice cream delivery showed up via Fed Ex.  It was a cooler packed in dry ice.  I was so excited!  It was a hot day, but the ice cream was frozen hard.  I was duly impressed!  I immediately devoured a pint with the kids while picking Hayden up from school that day.  Oh, how I missed that flavor!  This stuff is GOLD to me!

Of course, that giant block of dry ice inside the package led to all kinds of fun for the kids.  They’d been playing in the pool that afternoon, so I went out and took a video of the block bubbling like a cauldron in the pool.  It was crazy-looking, like a witch’s brew! 

Then they brought a chunk inside in a plastic tub and watched it steam everywhere. 


Isn’t that wild looking?!?  I’m amazed at how long it lasted and at how long it held the kids’ attention!  Ahem…no, they aren’t starved for science experiments…yes, they are (hangs head in shame).


Holden finished up his schoolwork a week early on Thursday, and I promised him a kindergarten graduation ceremony once he finishes this last assignment, which he’s taking a break from.  So we’ll save the celebration for next week’s post.  However, I was able to get all his Kindergarten curriculum listed and sold immediately on Friday.  Yippee!  I have stacks of books everywhere in this house as I take stuff out of the storage shed and weed out what we no longer need.  I shipped 6 packages on Saturday alone! 

Haylee still has a week to go with her work, and then she’ll be done, too.  Yay!  We’ll have to start planning out where we want to go for our traditional end-of-school-year dinner.  Or maybe we should wait a couple of weeks until Hayden gets out of school, too.


It’s been so, so busy around here!  I almost think I need the new school year to start just so we can get back into a steady routine and a sense of calm around here!  Wait…did I really just say that?!?  Until next week…