Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – April 20th-26th

Happy Easter!


After church, I came home and made a fabulous Easter Brunch Strata, thanks to a wonderful recipe provided by Trader Joe’s.  It was an enormous hit with Steve and Hayden and myself, but not so much with the little ones.  It had smoked ham, asparagus, red onion, sliced mushrooms, liquid eggs, Swiss and Gruyere cheese, and after it baked, it was topped with real Hollandaise sauce!  Yum!  It was quite a heavenly good treat, of which all of us big people had at least 2 portions. SmileDSCF1622


After lunch came the opening of the Easter bins.  I went with bins this year instead of baskets.  We got rid of most of that kind of clutter that sits around somewhere all year long when we did the big cleanout a couple of years ago.  Hayden ribbed me a bit about bins instead of baskets, but hey…bins are useful all year long, and besides, I put Easter grass in them!  Smile


Here is a little home video of the occasion:  Burgess Easter 2014

I bought a Sony Handycam at Cash Converters this past week during Spring Break, and this was my first time trying it out.  Not bad!


Haylee has been doing a lot of really cool art projects over the past few weeks from an ARTistic Pursuits book that we have been reviewing.  Here, she’s showing off her favorite of all of her projects.  She got to layer colors of oil pastels on a piece of cardboard, then layer it with black, and then scratch out a picture of a sheep.  It was so cool and turned out so cute!  She loved it.  We’re definitely going to use this book for her art instruction for school for 5th grade, which she starts in June.



That’s about it!  I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family.  Our weather was rather unpleasant that day, so we delayed and held off our egg hunt until mid-week when we had a nice day.  The kids didn’t seem to mind!

See you next week!