Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – December 15th–21st

Here’s another recap of stuff we did in December!


This couldn’t be called fun, persay, but I sure did get a rush when I found a huge meat sale at Kroger Marketplace!  I went early in the morning, around 7:30 AM after I’d dropped Hayden off at school.  I really needed to stockpile some of my favorite Laura’s 96% Lean Ground Beef, and I hadn’t been able to catch it on sale at Target like I usually do.  Low and behold, they had a ton of it marked down to $3.49/lb. at Kroger!  I bought 12 pounds.  I also got a London Broil for $2/lb., some natural chicken drumsticks half price, some Italian marinated chicken breasts for cheap, and a 1.5 lb. bag of Perdue Perfect Portions chicken breasts for $3.99.  I was ecstatic to refill my freezer!  When I got home with my haul, I had to get right to work.


I got out my vacuum sealer, cut some bags from the roll of bag material, labeled them according to contents, weight, and date, and got busy repackaging and sealing everything for my freezer.  It took me about an hour, but I soon had my meat bin fully re-stocked in my deep freezer.  Vacuum sealing keeps the meat from getting freezer burned, and it always tastes as good as fresh, even up to a year later.  It’s worth the extra effort when I can get our hormone-free, antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed, free-range meats at such a low price.


The one thing I wanted to be sure to do during my holiday vacation was to spend some time scrapbooking.  Finally, I managed to pull off a 2-page spread about a trip to the Virginia Air & Space Center with the kids when we visited their traveling exhibit on Animal Grossology.  Yuck!


Gee, the photos are only from March of 2010!  Yeah, I’m just a wee bit behind in my scrapbooking.  But I’ll get there!  The last time I set it aside, I was within a year of current events, so I was getting close.  Life just keeps getting in the way!


It was time for another pre-Christmas gift opening, and the kids were more than ready! 



Hayden got a really nice wooden tabletop air hockey game, Holden got a neat Meon set (he had a blast with the room alarm feature and the sound-sensitive feature that makes the pictures light up to music), and Haylee was thrilled to receive a velvet tote bag with a flowery peace symbol on it that she could color herself with the included markers.  Score one for the Burgess kids!


We returned to the Orb Family Fun Center in Chesapeake one last time to use our last Groupon deal for a play session.


The kids again had a blast playing, and there were more kids there this time around, so they had some other kids to play with.  They got themselves good and sweaty before we headed out to pick Hayden up from school.


The next day brought another gift-opening surprise.



Hayden got a History Channel Time Troopers DVD game…one of those b-EQUAL games that allow kids and adults to play together on their own level so it’s fair for everyone.  We had a great time playing it that night.  Haylee got a Roseart craft kit to make and decorate a giant butterfly to hang from her bedroom ceiling.  That thing was huge!  She spent a lot of time on it, and Hayden helped her a bit.  She loved it!  Holden got a Nano Speed car set.  He got a number of those for Christmas this year, along with a ton of the little mini cars so he could string the sets together and really have a good time with it.  I love that the cars are small and can be stored in a ziploc bag.  Yay!


To round out the week, I took the kids to a cooking class at Young Chef’s Academy.  They made several yummy treats and really enjoyed themselves.


Then on our way out, we realized they were just setting up to start free horse-drawn carriage rides in the parking lot of the shopping center, so we signed up and waited our turn.


That was a lot of fun, because this was an unseasonably warm day that actually made it into the 70’s!  It was a perfect day for an open carriage ride!


Stay tuned for more details on our December events.