Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up – January 5th-11th

We were back to school and work this week, so there wasn’t as much going on.  The kids were fairly uncooperative in terms of getting back into the routine with their work, particularly on Monday, so we had to keep the extras at a minimum.  Here’s what we had going on:


On Monday, I had to take Haylee to see her CHKD Pediatric Cardiologist, who monitors her cholesterol levels.  At age 7, she was diagnosed with hypercholesterolemia.  This is a hereditary condition in our family, caused by our livers making too much cholesterol.  This means we are forced to compensate with a low-fat diet and plenty of exercise.  Unfortunately, it runs on both sides of the family, so she came by it honestly.  Both Steve and I have high cholesterol, as well.  Anyway, it was time for updated tests.

HDL:  93 mg/dL

LDL:  114 mg/dL

Total:  217 mg/dL

So although her total cholesterol went up from two years ago, it was mostly comprised of an increase in HDL, or the good cholesterol.  So the cardiologist was once again not concerned since she has no other risk factors such as inactivity or being overweight.  He’s going to check her again in 2 years but said that once she reaches puberty, hormones will wreak havoc on her cholesterol levels, so he’ll want to start monitoring it every year at that point.


Tuesday was Steve’s 43rd birthday!  Usually, he has an Uncle Harry’s ice cream cake just like me (in fact, we usually buy one big one and split it between us for our birthdays). 


But we still had leftover cake from Holden’s party on Saturday, so I stuck a candle in a piece, and we sung to him after dinner that night (notice the Spongebob plate, too! Smile)


That’s about it!  Check back for more of the life and times of the Burgess family.