Sunday, July 28, 2013

Great SALE/FREEBIES @ CurrClick!!!

If you haven’t heard, it’s not too late to take advantage of this awesome sale at CurrClick!  It’s called the Pay What You Want Weekend, and it’s going on through Monday, July 29th.  Start at the link above and put as many items as you’d like in your cart.  For each item, you indicate the price YOU want to pay, and even if it’s $0.00, it’s yours for that price!  All items are instant downloads, so you get your purchases immediately. 

The site is very busy, but I found it to be functioning surprisingly well, given the amount of site traffic it’s receiving!  This is your chance to try out a number of publishers you’ve maybe looked at in the past but were afraid to try.  Personally, I highly recommend the Apologia lapbook projects by Knowledge Box Central.  They are awesome!  If you have any Apologia courses in your home, or you’re thinking about buying some this school year, grab these wonderful interactive lapbook journals while you can!  They will greatly enhance your student’s learning and help them keep their assignments organized.

Once you put items in your cart, double-check to make sure none of them have 3 red asterisks after the title.  If they do, you’ll have to remove those items before you can checkout (it means they are unavailable).  If you have any difficulties checking out, try breaking up your orders into groups of no more than 20 items.

Have fun finding some unique learning adventures for your children to enjoy and show support for these generous publishers in the process!

Happy shopping!