Sunday, September 23, 2012

Soccer Day - 1st Games

My kids had their first soccer games yesterday with the new homeschool sports league.  It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day.  I forgot my sunblock because I had moved it to a travel bag for Busch Gardens the day before.  So you guessed it...hours spent in an open field means major sunburns!  We all had scorched faces and chests.  Yuck!  My face hurts so badly!  I got the tops of my knees pretty badly, too.

Haylee played defense really well.  Her team got creamed, but she did such a great job of defending her position that it didn't even matter.  She was much more focused on her job than last year, and that was great to see.  She loves soccer.

Holden played defense, as well.  He occasionally had trouble staying attentive when there wasn't much going on in his zone, but he had fun, and that's all I'm after.  When he got a chance to go after the ball, he didn't hold back, and he had a great time.

Hayden was placed as center defense.  His game was tied up, so they went into penalty kicks to determine a winner.  He was chosen as the 5th kicker for his team.  It remained tied up until his turn to kick.  All eyes were on him, and I could see the concentration in his face...he knew the game rested on his shoulders.  He went for it and pocketed the ball in the back left corner of the net.  SCORE!  He made the winning goal.  That was a great way to end his first game with the new league.  He's been trying really hard to do his best and make a positive first impression.  He's doing great.  He really likes his coach, and things are working out great for him.  It was nice to see him working hard on such a big field. 

So all in all, it was an awesome first game for all of them!  I swear I will bathe us all in sunblock next Saturday!  LOL.

Until then...