Saturday, December 23, 2017

Our Christmas Surprise!!!

This year, we got the greatest Christmas present we could have imagined, and that was the unexpected news that we now have a tenant in our house in VA!  We’ve been pouring money into repairing and renovating the home we left when 1455 Pecan Ct, Virginia Beach, VA 23453we moved here to TX this summer, and we’ve been carrying that mortgage alongside this one for the last six months.  It was a bit of a painful journey, but now we’re officially on the other side of things…all of our VA business is now squared away, and we can finally consider ourselves settled in here in TX!  Hooray!

I can’t tell you what a relief it was to hear that news yesterday.  I really had no idea what our financial picture was going to look like day to day until this business was all settled.  Now I can begin to budget and anticipate with more accuracy what our monthly bills will be like.

Not only have we been carrying the extra mortgage, but all of the utilities there, as well.  We had to keep them all on while all the work was being done, and also while it was being marketed to potential tenants. 

We were so excited that my while family went out to dinner last night to celebrate.  That’s not something we do very often, but it was definitely cause for celebration!  Steve and I are giggling and high fiving like two people who just won the lottery!  It’s really all coming together now…that vision we had of what it could be like if we took that leap of faith in moving down here for a new job and a fresh new start for all of us.

I feel so truly blessed.  The Lord’s provision never ceases to amaze me, and He has been so very good to us.  I feel so unworthy of His love, and yet He loves me still.  *AMAZING.* 

I’m truly thankful in so many ways.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!  May your time with your family and friends be something very special to remember in the years to come.

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