Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy 10th Birthday, Holden!!!

December 28th represented a major change in the Burgess household.  It was my youngest child’s 10th birthday!  That means there are no longer any small children in my family…they’ve all moved on to double digits!  I officially have one adult teen, one early teen, and one tween!  Where did the years go?

I know God gives us many seasons in our lives, and this is a new one for us.  I miss my precious babies of long ago, but at the same time, I’ll embrace this new season of my life with gusto!  Each season brings changes, and some of them are good.  All of them are in His timing.

And as they each get older, they are still my babies in my heart. ❤️

 20171228_195203 20171228_195142 20171228_195057

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