Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hubby’s 45th Birthday…and a Blizzard!

Holden’s 9th birthday party was supposed to happen on Saturday, but the weather had other plans.  We got a blizzard instead!  So I had to reschedule the party to next Saturday instead.

It just so happened that Saturday was my husband’s actual birthday, as well.  He said that growing up in Michigan, he often had snow on his birthday that kept him from going to school, even if it wasn’t forecasted.  So I told him it was his fault we got socked with a blizzard, which is a rare occurrence here in sunny Virginia Beach!

It was fun watching the storm come through.  It snowed overnight and all day Saturday until late evening.  It was beautiful!  We had sleet first, and it stayed below freezing for several days afterwards, so the neighborhood roads have remained a sheet of ice.  My senior has been out of public school for 3 days now!  With warmer temps today and rain, it’s all turning to slush and melting away, so he should be able to get back to school tomorrow, without a doubt.  It was fun while it lasted! 

I had no desire to go out in the burning cold, but my kids enjoyed sledding on a hill nearby over the weekend with some of the neighborhood kids.  Haylee’s little face was so wind-burned!  She went outside every chance she got in her new snowsuit that we picked up at the thrift store in anticipation of winter.

So without Holden’s party, I was able to make a really nice cake for Steve.  He likes carrot cake best, so I found a recipe on Pinterest for a lovely Carrot Bundt Cake.  It was so good!  It had a cream cheese filling and also a cream cheese frosting drizzled over the top with crumbled pecans.  Yum!


Hubby was a good sport in letting us sing to him, and the kids snuck some sparkler candles on the cake that were nearly impossible to blow out because they kept re-lighting!  What fun would it be without some trick candles?!?


It has been wicked trying to get the kids focused on their school work with Hayden home this week.  They are so distracted just by his presence in the house!  ARGH!  And the snow has been a constant draw for Haylee’s attention.  At least it’s going away now!  LOL

The new Crew year has begun on the Homeschool Review Crew this week, as well, so we’ll be getting assigned to new reviews over the next few days.  Then reviews will get posted in the next month or so, so stay tuned!  I’ll keep the Upcoming Reviews section updated in the right margin of my blog as I get assigned to products, so keep your eye on that for what’s to come!