Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Holden’s 9th Birthday Party!!!

After being postponed due to a blizzard last weekend, Holden finally got to DSCF4767have his party on Saturday!  He just had the two little neighbor girls over, all of the adults from church, and a couple of adult family friends.  Everyone had a great time, though!

His little neighbor friends stayed over from noon until 7 PM, and they played and played all day.  They had such a good time playing hide and seek in the house.

I ordered a chicken tender platter from Wal-mart and picked up cheese, veggie, and fruit trays.  I set out some snacks like salami, crackers, little turkey cocktail sausages, and different kinds of chips and pretzels and called it done! 

Preparing was pretty stress-free, so I made a very special, fancy cake as his birthday cake.  I made a Cherry Cheesecake Chocolate Bundt Cake!  Wow…it was fabulous!  I didn’t have room to put it in the fridge, so I opted to bake it the morning before the party started.  It ended up needing to bake for an hour and half before the cheesecake in the middle finally set, so there was no way it was going to cool in time to chill it before we had to eat it!  It was still good, but when we refrigerated the remainder and had it the next day, it was amazing!  It totally changed the texture to be like a brownie with cherry cheesecake inside.  Yum!


It was so nice spending the day with our closest family friends.  And with only a couple of kids, it remained fairly calm and orderly.  Holden really enjoyed himself.  He was so excited because he knew someone had gotten him a couple of Xbox 360 games that he was dying to play, so right after he opened the gifts, he actually disappeared for a bit while he went to play them!  LOL.  He’s so funny.

Many to thanks to all of our friends who came out to celebrate with us!  You all made it a special day for Holden, and we appreciate it.