Sunday, March 27, 2016

One Crazy Week!

This was one crazy week!  We did only half a week of school so we could have the end of the week to get things ready for our pending vacation, but then life happened! 

My daughter went to get ice cream on Thursday night, only to find that it was soupy!  That’s when I realized that the freezer had obviously gone kaput, and that would explain why we didn’t have any ice for almost a week!  Ugh.  I thought there was just a problem with the ice maker.  No sir!  I worked late into the wee hours of the morning cooking as much meat as I could salvage in my oven, stovetop, electric grill, and electric pressure cooker, all at the same time!  Then I had to let it all cool, vacuum seal it, and freeze it.  Major pain!  Then all the rest had to be thrown out.  Stuff was melted all over the place!  Yuck.

By the next morning, I realized that the fridge was also way warmer than it should have been.  Like in the 60’s!  Not good at all.  So I rushed out to get ice for the camping cooler and put what was salvageable in there, then went shopping for a new refrigerator!  I like Kenmore, so I went to Sears.  I was limited to a choice of 3 because our opening only fits a 33” wide appliance.  I wanted stainless steel, and I really wanted an in-door space-saver ice maker so I’d have more shelves in the freezer side.  All of my choices were on backorder for TWO WEEKS!  Ugh.  I talked the manager into selling me the display model (no discount) just so I could get it delivered the same day!  That was a blessing.  So then I had more food to throw out, moving of furniture to get the fridge inside, and all the cleaning up from the mess it made.  Then once it was hooked up and cooled down, I had to put food back into it.  It took all day when I should have been packing for our trip! 

That made Saturday extra busy.  I was in a frenzy of making grocery lists, menu planning, shopping, and packing.  I had to get instructions ready for my neighbor to care for our pets, and I had to clean out the hamster cage (Cookie was going with us). 

Sigh.  I’m tired all over again just thinking about it!  We were up so late.  And we’re leaving this morning.  Yes, we’re traveling on Easter Sunday!  The plan is to arrive in Front Royal, VA by early afternoon, get checked in, unpacked, grocery shop for essentials, make it to evening church services at the Front Royal Church of Christ, and make dinner before collapsing into bed.  Yay! 

Let the vacation begin!  (Our cabin porch view is below)

Sunset from Cliffside

Photo courtesy of Cliffside Cabin, L.C.

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