Sunday, January 17, 2016

Birthday Freebies for Adults

With so many birthdays in my family recently, a friend whose birthday is coming up soon asked me to share a list of all the places that adults can get free birthday treats through various restaurants and stores that have birthday clubs.

That got me thinking that many of my readers might enjoy seeing that list comprised in one place, too!  So here are my favorites for you.Image result for birthday schlotzskys

Schlotzky’s:  Sign up and load the Lotz4Me app on your smartphone.  The coupon will be shown under your rewards when your birthday rolls around.  You activate the coupon in-store and get about an hour and a half to use it.  A code comes up for the cashier to enter so you can get a FREE small sandwich of your choice, no purchase required.  Personally, I love the smoked turkey reuben on rye…my favorite!

Honeybaked Ham:  Sign up, and this coupon will be emailed to you to print at home, and you get about a week to use it.  It’s for a FREE original ham sandwich, no purchase required.

Ruby Tuesday:  Sign up for their So Connected emails, and you’ll get an email coupon for a FREE burger about a week before your birthday.  I never received my birthday email this year, even though I get tons of other emails from them, so I contacted customer service.  They were really apologetic and sent me a $10 gift certificate instead!  Now that’s service!

Moe’s Southwest Grill:  Sign up for their eClub, and you’ll not only get a coupon for a free cup of queso right away, but you’ll also get a birthday email with Image result for birthday moesa coupon for a free entree of your choice with the purchase of a drink!  My teenage son gets a coupon for a free burrito, but mine and my husband’s is always for an entree (and my kids get one for a free kids’ meal).  I like that mine is for an entree, because with hubby’s and my birthdays so close together, we can take both birthday coupons and order two Billy Barou’s, and it’s enough food to comfortably feed my family of 5 for just the cost of two drinks, which is about $4!  Plus, you get free refills on the drinks with one of those cool Coke machines where you can mix the flavors yourself.  You can’t beat that!

Red Robin:  Join the Red Robin Royalty program, and you’ll receive a coupon on your account (there’s also an app) on your birthday for a FREE burger of your choice!  And what’s more, it comes with bottomless fries or a salad, no purchase required!  This year, we had my free burger, hubby’s free burger, and my 8-year old’s free kids’ meal coupons, and we only had to order for my teenager and myImage result for birthday red robin 11-year old!  It was a lovely dinner out.  They allow you to use multiple birthday coupons at the same table, which is cool.  Now you can only put yourself and 2 kids on your account, so your spouse will need an account, too, if you have more in your family like we do, and you’ll need to link them to different phone numbers since that’s how they look up your account.  We just split the check so he could use his account to pay for one bill and my account to pay for the other one.  You can pull up your account right on the mobile device on the table and pay right there so you don’t even have to bug the server!  Very convenient.

Olive Garden:  Sign up for their eNewsletter, and you’ll get an email coupon for a free dessert on your birthday, no purchase required!

Fazoli’s:  Join the Fazoli’s efamily, and you will not only get a gift just for joining, but you’ll also receive an email birthday coupon for a FREE dessert with any purchase!

Baskin Robbins:  Sign up for their email club, and you’ll receive a birthday coupon for a FREE scoop or soft serve cone on your birthday, no purchase required!

Coldstone Creamery:  Join the My Cold Stone Club, and you’ll get a birthday coupon for B1G1F any Creation!  It’s not as good as it used to be, though.  You used to get a free Creation on your birthday without having to make a purchase.  But I’m not complaining!

Dairy Queen:  Join the Blizzard Fan Club, and you’ll get a B1G1F Blizzard coupon just for signing up, plus one on your birthday and your anniversary of joining!  Plus, you get other coupons regularly, like B1G1F any smoothie or Julius.  I love Orange Julius!  And the chocolate-dipped strawberry Blizzard will forever be my favorite!  I can’t seem to make myself order any other flavor. 

IHOP:  Join IHOP Rewards, and you’ll get a birthday coupon for FREE RoImage result for ihopoty Tooty Fresh ‘n’ Fruity Pancakes!  This one isn’t as good as it used to be, because you used to get a free Rooty Tooty meal, and now it’s only pancakes.  So I often don’t even bother with this one any more.  If I go with my whole family, I’d rather order a whole meal than just pancakes.  Especially because I love the Spinach, Roasted Red Pepper & Cheese Griddle Melt sandwich at any time of day!  They took it off the menu, but they still have the ingredients on hand, so they’ll still make it for you if you request it, and I always do!  It’s amazing, and it’s so big that I can make two meals out of it.  Delicious!

Auntie Anne’s:  Get the My Pretzel Perks app on your smartphone, and you’ll be glad you did.  Not only do you get a FREE pretzel for your birthday, but you get freebies and big discounts all year long! 

Sonic Drive-In:  Sign up for offers, and you’ll receive a birthday coupon for a FREE item on your birthday.  It used to be a Cream Slush, which is my favorite, but this year, it was a free medium tots with any purchase.  Again, not nearly as good as it used to be.  You only get one chance to view your coupon, so be sure you’re ready to print it when you open it.  It’s stored on your account, so you just log in to access it and print it.  While you’re at it, be sure to sign up for text offers, too.  I get great text offers all year long…nearly something new every week…like 79-cent junior deluxe cheeseburgers or half price full-size burgers.  It usually says limit 5, but my Sonic does not adhere to the limit.  The other day, I ordered 10 and fed us for lunch that day and dinner the next for $10.  Nice!

Starbucks:  To join My Starbucks Rewars, make sure you register a Starbucks gift card so you can get a FREE birthday drink every year in the month of your birthday.  The reward comes up on their register when they scan your registered Image result for birthday starbucksgift card, and you just mention that you want to redeem your free birthday drink.  You can just buy the initial gift card with $5 on it and then turn around and use it to pay for a drink you were buying anyway, and then register the card and keep it.  It doesn’t matter if you keep reloading it or not, but I always transfer any balances receive on other cards (that I receive as gifts or that I purchase on Groupon deals, etc.) to that one registered card.  Using it to pay for your purchases also accrues rewards every so many drinks.

Sears:  Join the Shop Your Way program, and you’ll get $5 in points to spend for your birthday!  In addition, they give you surprise points all the time.  Over the holidays, I kept getting $10 in points to spend on clothing or $10 in points to spend on $15 worth of kids’ clothing and other offers like that.  It was like free money!  If you order online and pick up in-store, there’s no shipping charge, even if they have to ship it to the store.  They also have a 5-minute pickup guarantee.  If they take longer than 5 minutes when you pick up your order, you get a $5 coupon for the wait.  If you do their free trial of Shop Your Way MAX, then you also get free shipping to home on qualifying items.  I took advantage of that over the holidays.  I had a new backpack style purse in my cart and left it there.  They kept sending me reminders not to abandon the item in my cart.  Eventually, when I clicked on the reminder, they offered me $10 in surprise points, so I got a great discount on a purse that was already deeply on sale, plus free shipping to home with the MAX trial.  I was so happy!  They do send you a lot of emails, but most of them offer you some kind of coupon or free surprise points, so it’s worth weeding through them for special offers and potential freebies.  You can also get their Shop Your Way app on your phone, and it not only stores your points and coupons, but it also allows you to pick up your items at the store while still in your car!  Now that’s truly curbside service!

Kohls:  Join Yes2You Rewards, and you’ll get a $5 coupon to spend for your birthday!  I have the app on my smartphone, and it even stores all of my Kohl’s coupons, Kohl’s Cash, and Yes2You Rewards right on there so I don’t have to carry them around.  And when you find online coupon codes that stack at Kohl’s, you can enter the promo codes right into the app, and it will store the coupon there for you with all the terms and conditions and the expiration date so you can keep them all straight!  Then you just show the barcodes on your phone at the register for a truly convenient experience!

Best Buy:  Join the My Best Buy Rewards program and get a $5 coupon to spend for your birthday!  You also accumulate rewards points towards cash coupons to spend in the store.  The app for your smartphone will store your coupons, offers, and points conveniently on your mobile device.

That’s all I can think of for now!  There are other smaller offers like bonus reward points at ACMoore and other stores, but these are the best ones that I always try to remember to use.  It amounts to a lot of free food!

If you know of others at national chains, please share in the comments, and I’ll be sure to come back and update my list if I find others in the future.

Have a happy birthday when the time comes to get all of your freebies!