Sunday, June 14, 2015

One Crazy Week: Squid Dissection, Spongebob Movie, and HEAV Convention

On Tuesday, I chaperoned Hayden’s final field trip of the year with his Biology class at the Virginia Aquarium.  I got to take Haylee and Holden along, and we all rode the bus together just for fun. 


The kids got to dissect a real squid!  They got to pop out the eyeball and separate the lens, find and dislodge the beak, and remove the pen from its back.  Yuck!  I opted not to touch it myself.  It smelled fishy and gross, and it was clearly squishy!  I took some pictures during the process, though…that was plenty close for me!


The Squid Specimen



The Beak



The Lens



The Pen


Here are some fun photos we took while on our self-guided tour of the museum.

 20150609_115946 DSCF4263  

 DSCF4266 DSCF4267

   DSCF4270 DSCF4265

Tuesday afternoon, we tried to join some friends from homeschool sports to see the new Cinderella movie, but we arrived about 15 minutes late and decided to see the Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water instead because we were right on time for that one.  Holden was really excited, because he really loves Spongebob.  It turned out great…it was funny, and Holden laughed out loud through the whole thing.  Fun!


Then on Friday, I got up at 5:15 AM and headed out of the house by 6 AM to drive up to Richmond to work at the annual HEAV Convention from 8:15 AM to 3 PM.  I was working in the Logic of English vendor booth.  When I got done for the day, I spent a couple of hours perusing the used curriculum sale and some of the vendor booths before getting back on the road to head back home.  Traffic coming back was terrible, and I didn’t breeze into town for gas until about 8:30 PM, so it took about 3 hours to get home.  I was wide awake and ended up staying up until 1 AM, so I felt totally wiped out all day Saturday.  I even fell asleep on the floor at one point during the day!  LOL

Then we headed up to Hayden’s school for a family movie night.  I was so glad to finally crawl into bed for the night!

I had a lot of fun working at the convention and talking with both consumers and vendors about products I’ve used and reviewed.  It was a pleasure getting to meet the creator of Write Shop, and I even spent some time at the Rainbow Resource shop convincing some ladies to buy the New American Cursive books from Memoria Press that we tried out recently and loved. 

I have to say that for spending so many hours in a busy, crowded place, it was a positive experience for me, and I was reminded of what a really nice crowd homeschoolers generally are…just mostly a lot of good people doing something they really believe in for their children.  It’s a nice group of people with whom to associate yourself.

Until next time, stay cool and out of the impending thunderstorms we’re expecting nearly every day this next week!