Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Is Here!

This is our first full week with Hayden out of school and at home with Haylee and Holden.  They are on break from their homeschool schedule right now, so we’re all free to do fun things together! 

We started off the week by going bowling together, and my husband got to go, too, which was fun.  We bought the AMF Family Pass to go with the FREE summer bowling program for kids so we could all bowl for free.  The three big people have their own bowling shoes, so we pay just under $9 for the two youngest kids to rent shoes, and that’s it.  We get 3 games per day throughout the summer, and we had a great time!  I almost beat my husband on the second game, but when he told me I only needed 2 pins to beat him, I threw a gutter ball on my spare in the 10th frame!  Ugh.

Then on Tuesday, we had nearly record heat with a heat index of about 105, so we met our neighbor friends up at Ocean Breeze Water Park for some splashy fun.  It was a great way to spend a scorching hot day!  And the water actually felt warm.  We stayed in the Adventure River, just floating around, until we all turned into prunes!


Then on Wednesday, we all had our semi-annual dental checkups.  I took Holden to the pediatric dentist in Norfolk, Dr. Jillian Reynolds, and he actually had NO PROBLEMS for the first time ever!  He first saw the dentist when he was 5, and he’s had constant repairs since then.  All the work he had done originally had to be completely redone by the pediatric dentist later on, so this is truly the first time Holden could experience seeing the dentist for *just* a cleaning.  He was so relieved that there weren’t any needles!  Poor kid.  The rest of us saw our family dentist in Newport News, Dr. Shannon Martin, and we all had a clean bill of health, as well!  That’s the first time that has happened, too.  Hayden nearly always needs some kind of surface filling because he does a terrible job with brushing, but *finally,* we were ALL good! 

We had to celebrate, so we went and got Slurpees and then spent the afternoon at The Living Museum.  That was fun!  They had a great traveling exhibit on frogs, which was right up our alley.  Holden collects Webkinz frogs, we’ve raised tree frogs and even a bullfrog in the past all the way from the tadpole stage, and we currently have two African dwarf frogs.  We all enjoyed the exhibit very much and had a great time at the museum.

  20150624_131200  20150624_130442


I also managed to get two of our vehicles inspected this week, and I made my way through a whole checklist of errands and things I had to do like pay the monthly bills.  So it was a fun yet still productive week!  We hung around home on Thursday and Friday.  We had a lot of intermittent storms this week that were pretty severe, so we watched movies and worked on review items towards the end of the week.  We even managed to go out for a family dinner on Saturday night when the tornados nearby finally passed through.  And today, we had a nice potluck after church, and the visitor we had for morning worship service was able to stay and enjoy some fellowship with us.  That’s always nice!  We all sat around recalling stories of how we ended up with our spouses, and mishaps of our weddings and early days together.  It amounted to lots of laughs, and everybody had a great time!

How was your week?