Sunday, May 24, 2015

Spring Home Organization

I’ve been really busy this week trying to tackle a couple of really annoying closets in my house that really needed some attention:  my personal clothes closet and my pantry closet in my laundry room. 

Let me start by saying that I was somewhat inspired because of a couple of events that happened over the last couple of weeks. 

What led me to my clothes closet project was the fact now that the weather has warmed up in earnest, I’ve discovered that I’ve put on weight since last summer and can’t wear a good portion of my summer clothes.  Instead of getting depressed about that (I used to work out every day but have been unable to do so because I severely injured my Achilles tendon last summer, and it has left me with chronic pain), I picked up some really cute things at the thrift store that fit great and that I was really excited about.  That led me to want to go ahead and clean out my closet so I could hang up my summer wardrobe and get things organized.  I got rid of two kitchen trash bags full of clothing, and I packed away one bag of items I really like that may fit me again if I can see the doctor this summer and get something done to heal up this injury so I can resume regular exercise.  I still have to go through a whole row of winter clothing items, but I’m going to put that off until winter so I can see what fits when the time comes.


Summer Section



 Winter Section

The next event that happened was that I finally got new flooring installed in my hallway and downstairs bathroom.  Considering the fact that I bought the flooring 5 years ago for my husband to install, it’s been a long time coming!  I finally hired a flooring company recommended to me by a trusted friend in real estate.  Here’s what it looked like before and after.


Hallway Before



Hallway After

It turned out so great that I had them come back and install the same flooring in my laundry room and pantry closet!  Here’s the before and after of that.


Laundry Room Before



Laundry Room After


That’s what led me to take another look at my pantry closet.  When hubby replaced the flooring in the laundry room years ago, he never finished it and stopped at the threshold to the pantry closet.  But now it’s all done in one continuous flooring that’s beautiful and easy to care for!  So although my pantry closet had been organized previously, it had gotten untidy and a little bit unorganized again.  So I took everything out and re-sorted it all and put labels on the baskets.  Voila!  Like new again.  :)


Pantry Closet

We make our own laundry detergent, so the floor section has the big orange bucket and empty detergent containers that we fill whenever we make a new batch of detergent, which we’ll need to do very soon.  Every time we make a batch, it lasts a whole year!  There’s also a handy step stool tucked in there, just because I’m terribly short (5’3”), and I can’t reach the stuff on the top shelves without it!  LOL

Good luck on your own home organization products this spring!  Please share what you’re working on in your home…it might just end up on my list of things to do!