Friday, May 29, 2015

Microsoft Live Writer No Longer Works in Blogger!!!

There is a big buzz amongst bloggers this week who normally publish to Blogger using Microsoft Live Writer (or any other 3rd party blog publishing software, for that matter). If you are one of the unfortunate bloggers affected, you've no doubt discovered that since about 11 pm on Tuesday of this week, you get an error message saying your blog is not found when you attempt to publish. Ugh!

Unfortunately, there seems to be no fix on the horizon. Google has updated the API protocol which enhances security but now prevents 3rd party software from initiating remote login. Apparently, they notified 3rd party companies that this change was coming, but none of them chose to do anything about it. And since Microsoft has not done any updates to Live Writer in about 3 years, the chances that they'll bother now are slim to none.

In fact, there are NO desktop-based software programs that have been updated to work with the changes at Blogger. That puts a lot of bloggers out on a limb, since most of us detest the extremely quirky and cumbersome interface that the Blogger Dashboard provides.

However, in researching alternatives, I discovered an iPad app called Blogsy that actually works, despite this week's changes to Blogger. In fact, this is my first post using Blogsy. It's $4.99 in the App Store. So if you are a serious blogger and find yourself out of commission this week like the rest of us, you might want to give Blogsy a try until *hopefully* someone comes up with a working desktop alternative.

Blogsy has built-in how-to videos to help you get started, and I literally had it connected to Blogger in just a minute. You can also drag and drop photos right into your posts, pull up and edit previous posts, and save multiple drafts of a post-in-progress to edit later. Inserting links is also super easy. You can also schedule your publishing for now or a future date/time.

Good luck!