Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up – January 18th-24th

We were really busy this week.  I have a love/hate relationship with busy…it’s nice to have a variety of things to do, but it’s also a little stressful to not have much downtime.  Here’s how it played out for us this week.


While Hayden was off school for MLK day, I made plans for us to do fun stuff with friends.  The kids’ gym class was canceled because of the holiday, so it was a perfect day for an adventure.  We met up with a couple of Hayden’s friends from school and my good friend, Gina Nall, and her two kids at Lunar Mini Golf in Chesapeake Square Mall. 


We all bought Groupon deals for a great price, and we were pleasantly surprised that the facility lets you golf all 18 holes 3 times through before playing the final prize hole!  That was a lot of fun. 

Our strategy ranged from serious to playful by the time we took our third pass through the course.  The kids posed for a silly photo as we left the mall.


Then we did some shopping, bought a lot of munchies for the ride home, and grabbed Frosties from Wendy’s before calling it a day.


Hayden and I had our second Planning Council meeting of the year at his charter school. 


We discussed the final details of putting together movie nights on a regular basis at the school to attract more parents to school events and get them more involved.  Students could get some service hours by providing childcare in the library during a kids’ movie showing, and participants could help out with current charity drives by bringing canned goods, clothing, or whatever is needed for the current service project.  And the school could use the opportunity to engage with more parents and distribute information on other school events, like open house and student exhibition nights.  It was a productive meeting, and it was nice to see them put into effect an idea we had collectively brainstormed at the previous meeting.


On Thursday night, my friend, Gina, and I went to a cooking lecture at the Culinary Institute of Virginia in Norfolk.  We purchased a Pilot Online daily deal that got us the class for half price. 

Culinary Institute of Virginia

We learned all about the Japanese concept of “umami,” or pure deliciousness, that is described as a 5th sense of taste beyond the basics of salty, sweet, sour, and bitter.  It was a fascinating presentation, and we did some tasting that helped us get a sense for what the umami sensation is like on the palate.  That was fun!


On Friday, we had to have school since we’d taken Monday off to spend it with Hayden.  So on Saturday, Haylee went with me to run my errands and do the grocery shopping that I normally do on Friday.  That night, I had a special assignment to try out a new bacon cheeseburger pizza and a double chocolate chip brownie from a local pizza place, and that was interesting!  The brownie, of course, was especially amazing!


Who wouldn’t love that?!?


That’s it for now!  I hope you all have a great week.  We’ll be super busy…church potluck, gym class, dental appointment, opera, and pediatric checkup, just to name a handful of events we have coming up during our so-called week off from school!  LOL.  Isn’t that always the way?